I had a stroke..blood clot in brain 7 months ago. My hands have started to hurt go numb and white. I've not had this before. It's not That cold's May. Anyone else get this?

Hi June. Welcome to our forum. My stroke was three years ago, but my weak hand does still have problems. I can do a lot with it, but it lacks sensitivity and often gets cold. I usually wear a glove on it when it feels like that and, yes, it can get cold sometimes even on a mildish day.

My hands are now warmer than pre stroke. Noticeably warmer. I assumed this was the blood thinner, but maybe not.

But at 7 months so much was kicking in. And at 9 months I had a massive and instantaineous improvement. Now none of us are the same, but we do share common features and I hope in a few weeks that you are blessed with an amazing improvement

Best wishes


Nothing to do with stroke, but i wear fingerless gloves in autumn and spring. They are reassuring and keep the hands moving


I am three years post stroke  

in the early months yes my weak left h was often cold, and I had some very uncomfortable swelling in my wrist and fingers. I don't remember how long this lasted but over 3 years in, I have no swelling and temperature control and sensation are  fine, all I need now is to get some movement back in m hand. this causes me more distress than anything.

 from where I am now, 7 months hs is early days  so lots can happen, and I hope will. let us know.

all the best 


Thank you ,Tony,yes I suppose it is early days..I'm so impatient! Reassurance is great,thanks and I wish you well.


Thanks for your comment...helpful.