Christmas Party 2022 - a Zoom Open Group Event

What you waiting for?

We need you,
join Zoom Open Group for the details

40 minutes Friday evening - 2nd December
40 minutes Saturday morning - 3rd December (possibly a games morning)
40 minutes Monday afternoon - 5th December (looks like most are going for this session)

wear something Christmasy. Anything a hat, jumper, T-shirt, antlers, tinsel just ideas.
Bring yourself, a drink or mince pie.

I’d wear me Christmas ‘y’ fronts but you really don’t want to see them

find Groups
find Zoom Open Group
press the Join button
get the details
thats all there is to it
see you on the day

bring along a carer, or friend if you want

should be fun i could do with a good laugh

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@james007 welcome to the forum. It’d be good to see you at the Christmas meet.

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we have met i was james2 but had to change and get it on my email address


Ahhhhhh you’re incognito :grin::grin::grin:

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I think you might be safe with this lot, 007.
Let’s hope so. :grin:
Like me, they don’t get out much. We tend to keep them locked in the cupboard. :skull_and_crossbones:
Good to have you with us, anyhow.


If you want to take part in this event you need to join the Zoom Open Group. All Forum users are welcome, it is free and there are no obligations. Bring a carer or supporter if it helps.

@ZX1 you have appeared on the members list and can join any or all of the meetings shown in the messages tab in Zoom Open Group. You can ask questions here if there seems to be a problem.

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