Christmas food

Made a Buche de Noel today. Not bad since I’m mostly one handed. Posh speak for chocolate log.


@John_Jeff_Maynard Amazing. That looks scrummy. Love a chocolate log. :heart_eyes:

Looks like a small queue is forming for a slice of choc log :grin:

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Im in @John_Jeff_Maynard please

Pouring cream on top too thanks

Well done John that looks amazing, after seeing that, Yule Logs should be for all year round, not just Christmas

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Looks very tasty! :yum:. Save me a slice please.

That looks rather indulgently delicious :grinning:

Wow! Your Buche de Noel looks delicious. My problem is my sweet tooth and I would eat it all. Unfortunately I have put on 2 stones after having my stroke 2 years ago but still cannot resist chocolate goodies. Enjoy.

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