Christmas and New Year wishes

Hi all - just taking 5 minutes out to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023.

Its a very different one than previous years but enjoyable in a different way - im much less stressed than normal and im also not under my wifes feet getting in the way!!!

As my ‘new’ special caring thoughtful friends i would like to tha nk you all for your kind words, advice, supportive suggestions overvthe time ive been on the Forum.

Thank you with much love and all the very very best


Ps looking forward to New Year Zoom meetings with as many as are able to join.
And continuedupdates from you as getvover a new hurdles or achieve a new goal or target.

Cheers- a small glass of bubbles wont harm xx


@TRFCANDY53 happy christmas to you and yours too. Hope your day is going well & you’re enjoying being looked after :grin:

Wishing you all the best for the new year & look forward to chatting again on the zoom meetings.

Lots of love

Ann xx

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Thanks Anne - see you again soon xx

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All the best Andy, I’m hoping the Zoom sessions will go from strength to strength.

:grinning: :+1:

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Lets make sure they do!!!

How about everyone gets 5 uninterrupted minutes to talk about theirl ife, family, interests, work, hobbies or whatever they want yo talk about then ask 3 quiz questions?

Just a thought? What do you think?

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Maybe just bring along something or someone important to you?
Possibilities, possibilities.
:christmas_tree: :santa:
I have thought quiz too, I could easily put one up, but it probably wouldn’t suit everyone.
Just a general chat is enough, but expanding to more activity involves more organising and I’m trying to keep it simple.
Sorry, I’m being negative, please keep the ideas coming in.
Don’t let me stop you,
:partying_face: :+1:

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Was thinking of that justcto give everyone a chance to have the floorto ahare important things for them?

Howxabout 3 thiblngs they want to achieve in the next weekor 3 things that work for them that may work for others ? Or 3 highlights? Things they are proud to have achieved

Just ideas …

Cheers Mahoney hope youre enjoying your day

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