Perhaps this simple little topic may help
Good luck

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Good idea
I still can not work the SA site including the forum.

Anyone recently suffering a stroke has no chance of following the forum.
I got so much help and above all so much comfort from the forum Mark 1.
Less help from Mark 2. Now we have Mark 3 and I can’t fathom how it works.
I think you need to be under 12 to have the obscure logic to follow many sites.


Please keep on persevering.
Your comments helped me greatly when my son 31 had a stroke.
You gave me hope when I had none, you changed my outlook when I could could see no way forward.
Smile and smile some more has got me through the toughest time in my life.


I like this. I will try to use it. Lilian

Great news let’s hope it makes life easier.
I have been reading posts on this site for over two years but rarely posted .
My youngest son had a stroke affecting his right side severely. You all gave me hope of better things to come and answers to many questions.
Please keep posting you do not realise how valuable your conversations are.
You are all inspirational!

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Someone mentioned ‘chat’ and I was hoping I’d found a chat forum where I could actually have a conversation with a few people at the same time, but it looks like I’m mistaken.
I’m already a member of a stroke chat forum based in USA and find the experience excellent. Timing is tricky since I’m in New Zealand but it is well worth the effort.

Hi everyone. A good idea using this for a chat. An awful day today, wet and windy. I live in Cheshire and while the weather has been miserable we have not suffered like others. Although I managed to get out this morning I have stayed in all afternoon. I have tried to exercise inside but it is not that same. Lilian

Have visited Wellington on business and also on my way on holiday to the South Island. It is rumoured to be the windiest place in NZ and pilots who regularly land there have grey hair in their forties (So I’m Told) .
Chat means an instant response and requires special programs. To reply here you would have to log on, make your comment and log off, which destroys communication.
For many years (Temporarily interrupted by stroke) I have undertaken a short floor exercise routine before breakfast aimed at keeping waist ,hips and shoulders supple, I end up with 8 pressups, just so I can boast about it!. Getting back up onto my feet afterwards is a cultivated routine and can take some time to accomplish.

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Hi Mahoney. Good to hear from you. Chat line is easy for me because I don’t log out. I sympathise with you spending time on the telephone, it seems to always an answer phone or I am in a never ending queue! I have been able to get out in between showers. I wish I could exercise like Deigh but perhaps one day I may be able to do more.Lilian

Hi Mahoney, I can not do telephone calls, for more than 5 minutes & put on hold, just hang up . There is now something in brain , that really struggles , if I can not see the person . Tv , strangely, subtitles must be on , not so much my hearing, but just can’t follow conversation. E.mail are best for me , I have TIME , to study , slowly think ,not feel rushed, like sometimes in conversations. Sensory overload, of all sorts, then fatigue, kicks in . Dentist / filling, yesterday, feel shattered , spoiling myself today, bed with electric blanket on . Simple treats . Good talking David.

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Hello @David3, I am certainly with you on phone calls. I prefer email. Can take time with replies that way, and not have to think on my feet. I use headphones when needing to talk on my mobile, when someone calls, I always tell them that I need to plug my headphones in. I find it a much more comfortable way of having the phone conversation, but have a limited time I can endure with the phone. I am resting too today, went out with other stroke survivors for a Christmas dinner yesterday, had a port wine for pudding, indulgence. A bit more pleasant than visiting a dentist though, but still shattered me today.

Hi Mahoney. I do enjoy walking now I am able, even around the supermarket. It is somewhere to go when it is raining! I watch T V in the evening, nothing too intellectual, usually a film or re run of old detective stories such as Morse or Vera. David you have my admiration for being brave enough to go to the dentist.Lilian

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Hi Mahoney. I like your reply. Today is raining and rather depressing. I went out this morning for coffee, so many people because a Christmas market. I am being careful because of the new variant and so have stayed in since then. How is your day? I look forward to the spring and better weather. Best wishes Lilian

Hi there. Another grey day but a better forecast later this week. I am always optimistic! Are you ready for Christmas. This will be my third Christmas since stroke changed my life. I was not conscious for the first one and Covid since then. Hopefully this year will be better. Lilian

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We have had two days of rain here, very needed, the dams are not as full as they should be. Rain in NZ is not the same as Britain, here it buckets down and then stops, letting people get on with life. We dont get the miserably wet days like UK where everyone has to practically live in a raincoat. Here nobody even owns one!
The gardens here are in full bloom making life a bit uncomfortable for people like me who have developed pollen allergies since the stroke but small pills can balance them out a bit.
I’m sorry to rub in the weather just when you are all in the depths of winter but its nice to just revel in it occasionally!

Hi . All shopping done. now. If there are no more restrictions with covid we plan to have Christmas dinner for ten. We are not cooking but my son and granddaughter will organise it at our house. It will be hectic with four excited youngsters and crazy dog! A change from last year. Lilian

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Thank you Jane. I hope that you do also.

Hi. It is good to get out of the house. I make a point of going out every day. I must confess just a little walk but I try to walk a little further every day. Although I loved my job I also love being a lady of leisure. What job do you do. You must be careful not to do too much. A bright start to the day today and I hope it continues. Always the optimist! Lilian

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Hello @Mahoney, congratulations on a phased-return, as you mention, multi-tasking may be a challenge, so at least a gentle entry back into the flow of it will give you time to assess how to approach multiple tasks. I don’t know how familiar you are with mindfulness, but it has some good strategies for “anchoring oneself” when things get too much.

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Hi. I enjoyed my walk with my rollator. I managed to walk on a sloping path and was very careful both up and down. It doesn’t sound much but considering that I was unable to walk at all I was very proud of myself. I feel that I know how my grandchildren felt when they learned to walk! Small achievement but now important. Your job as office manager sounds a responsible one, managing people can be stressful but rewarding. Best wishes Lilian

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