CHAT GPT 4 and Gamma?

Do you think that this can be a help for us who suffer from cognitive health? In particuarly at work?


As long as one was prepared to proofread what had been transferred. From a writer’s perspective, I had a bilateral stroke, so I had damage to the right side of the cerebellum as well, and initially had trouble parsing a sentence, as there are some language responsibilities that the cerebellum coordinates, in a similar way it coordinates motor functions. I greatly feared that I had lost the ability to write and the ability to be creative. I worked very hard to overcome this, and feel that three years later, I have finally regained a little of that confidence. For work purposes, time is money, so I guess as an aide, Chat GPT can enhance productivity for anyone, brain injury or not. My eldest son used it as an aide for writing essays at university, and he remarked that it is useful for bland technical writing but is pretty useless at creative analogy and metaphor, remember that it is not truly AI, this is a misnomer, it is only algorithmic, transference software and has limitations.

Having said that though, I’m not unfavourable towards its use at all. Some celebrities hire ghost writers to pen their autobiographies, if that celebrity struggles with writing, I see it as advantageous for the celebrity and reader, not detrimental. From a cognitive point of view for stroke survivors, I guess it comes down to priorities, if a stroke survivor has been affected with aphasia, then it can be used as an invaluable aide to communicate and if, like me, there has been some damage to language function and language is a craft I want to sustain as my own expression, then it is more important for me to regain that skill without an aide.


I have been keeping up with advancements of AI, but have so far not seen anything helpful to me personally. It seems for now, it is like using talk to text or a text reader…Getting better but still makes many mistakes…wrong information, wrong context…

Unless I could tell it to set up a formulary Excel page of information for a report I needed to make, from a database of company information, I can’t think of a good use for it just yet. Giving directions might actually be the hardest part.

In programming, to me the hardest part has always been writing code, breaking it down to the simplest set of steps to get the job done. I can see where AI that can write code/program just by telling it the result you need, could be helpful.

Perhaps it can figure out a budget for me better than I can. If it can figure out how to pay all the bills with my available funds, I will be sold on it.

I would be spending time learning it, if I were looking for work. I give some of my time to that, but not a lot of focus as I am nowhere near ready for work.

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I’ve been watching this thread to see what folks say which I guess isn’t a lot so far :slight_smile:

I wondered which Gamma was being referred to as there are several. one assists creating PowerPoint type presentations - there are multiple dimensions to explore there such as the best mode of presentation of the content for the audience or the creation of the shapes and formatting etc. That’s really close to coding. Many large language model interfaces are quite capable of writing code - python seems to be a common target language but there’s no problem with asking for cobol or ratfor!

I find chat GPT is almost wilfully mischievous. If I try to get comprehensive outputs from it it is always producing less, bringing in irrelevancies, creating crappy content, disregarding formatting instructions, etc

I think the most valuable use I’ve seen so far is in the simultaneous translation. I believe my phone will deliver a phone call in any one of 69 languages irrespective of what the participants are speaking in or maybe it’s 84 languages. I’ve combined Microsoft translate with PowerPoint on many occasions to deliver training to multilingual audiences.

Potential is enormous - the most immediate use I think will be things like using the data lake generated below this forum so deep learning detects patterns.