Changing Perspectives - October 2023 - National Brain Appeal

Dear All,

I came across this yesterday and thought I would share in case anyone wants to look at or buy some art.

Me and @j.p.mac have just bought one each - doubt anyone could guess which!!!

Essentially this is a series of pictures etc that have been done by artists or celebs or people with brain injuries are all £85 and can only be bought online

Have a look if you want!

Unfortunately no polar bear ones but here is a pic of a polar bear I drew for free

K :wink: :polar_bear:


JP chose a good one!! Innit @j.p.mac ?

K :polar_bear: :wink:

Happy #Caturday from this growing little chap at the Big Cat Sanctuary in  Ashford, UK. 🐾 : r/snowleopards


Innit indeed! Is it a painting or photograph? They are very good👍

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If you click on the link and look at the details of that one you will see it is:


JP is very pleased!!

Mine is not by a famous artist but I’m equally as happy!

K :polar_bear: :wink: