Cerebral Amyloid Disease

My Dad was discharged from hospital just over two weeks ago after a stroke in June, and my Mum has tried to care for him at home with support from my sister and me. He’s had two carers in 4 times a day, but we have had numerous issues which have resulted in Mum having to call 999 effectively 5 times within 2 weeks. We’re exhausted.

The last call to the paramedics resulted in Dad being taken to hospital for a checkup. It’s a different, more local hospital this time. They were going to return him home, but we had to refuse as my Mum is at breaking point - it’s just too much for an 80 year old with a heart condition. The hospital has admitted him for further monitoring and we’re exploring care home options.

I visited him yesterday and had a long chat with his doctor. I discovered that he was diagnosed with Cerebral Amyloid Disease at the other hospital, but no one mentioned this to me. I’ve looked at the symptoms and suddenly Dad’s behaviour makes perfect sense, particularly his sudden confusion, paranoia and shouting. I can’t believe no one warned us about this. Now we understand this behaviour is due to the disease not Dad.

Has anyone else had dealings with this disease? I think we should explain this to Dad so he, hopefully, will understand why we’re struggling at lot more than we’d expected as he has no recollection of these events. Any views?

@TreesG I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice on the disease as I don’t know anything about it but I am pleased you’ve finally got a few answers. Shame it wasn’t explained to you a bit earlier though.

In relation to telling your dad if you think it would help then it might be worth a try. Not sure how much he understands but if he can then he’d probably want to know.

You’ve done the right thing by not having him home in my opinion. It’s a lot to deal with at any age but for your mum at 80 it’s too much. Hospitals are all too keen to discharge people without a lot of thought for those trying to look after them.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x

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