Cerebellum stroke

Hi my name is Bowie,

I had a major cerebellum stroke two weeks before my 41st birthday. Are there any others who are recovering from such a stroke?

I had a few really bad months, lost my job and had to learn how to walk, write and dance again. nearly two years on i am not fully recovered but i have found new ways of ding things. Found that my patience and concentration is slowly returning. Most of all the smile from my face never left, even through the tears i tried to smile and be possitive,

Dear Bowie

Smiling is the best weapon we have. The second best is positivity. You seem to have sussed this out rathjer well !

I am not medical at all. To me a stroke results in an infarct which kills off part of the brain. I grasp some are blockages (me) and some are bleeds. But what is the nature of a cerebellum stroke. I am particularly interested because a very good friend has gone down very ill and has possibly had a bleed in the brain. He was moved to Queens Romford for a very lengthy op and I think Romford does specialize in neck injuries. He was moved from "my" hospital which has a fab stroke unit. 

Best wishes


Hi Colin,

I had an infarct type stroke, it wasn't diagnosed till nearly a week after i had it. The two different ambulance staff and three doctors all said i had vertigo.