Cerebellar Stroke

Hello all,

My name is Tim and this is the first time I have posted on this site.   I had my stroke at the end of October last year in Cambodia where I was teaching English.  I was flown to Thailand, and then to Australia where, after a stay in hospital, I went to live with my mother and received treatment and therapy until the end of February.  I then returned to England where I live next door to my father and have continued my rehabilation. 

My stroke was caused by a blood clot in the heart which became dislodged and headed towards my head!   I saw the remaining two blood clots in my heart via an ultrasound in Cambodia after the stroke.  These blood clots were formed by inflammation of the heart, which itself was caused by a recent bout of pneumonia.   The blood clots are now all gone thanks to blood thinners and I am no longer on medication.   Thus, I am just left with the symptoms of the stroke!

The location of the stroke was in the cerebellum which is responsible for coordinating voluntary movements.  This is why I am writing this - because a stroke in this area of the brain is apparently quite rare.   I have learned how to walk again but I have a lack of coordination in my right arm, and also dysarthria which obviously affects my ability to speak, although my speech does remain functional.  In other words the issues would appear to be mechanical in nature.   This is clearly quite different to a 'normal' stroke which affects the lobes of the brain and mental processes in the affected region.  I do not suffer from fatigue or emotional issues - in fact I do not feel any different internally than before my stroke!   

Therefore, I would like to know if anyone else knows a cerebellar stroke survivor, or has themself had a stroke in this location of the brain.  Dysarthria is quite different to aphasia - which I do not suffer from - although both are seen as communication problems.   After speaking with stroke survivors it is evident how different are my symptoms.  I would obviously like to know about potential recovery times but most people - apart from neurologists - have not met anyone who has had a cerebellar stroke.

I look forward to communicating with anyone who might be able to help!


Hi Tim I to had stroke in cerebellum. 1 year & 1 month ago . YES I belive quiet rare, just to survive must be fit ? Unlike you still massive fatigue, sleep 2 hours most days . Aged 61 years ,how old are you. I was a builder, it took me 3 weeks to fit my grab rails ? .but we'll worth all effort . Mobility big problem when out wheel chair or walker . Hoped to avoid mobility scooter, but now considering a LUGGIE , small collapsing scooter,  ANY ADVICE out there would be much appreciated ! I tried to delay this , feeling I was almost giving in ?

Speech can be a struggle, particularly when tired . Left side weakness, & PAIN left arm & shoulder ,been given exercises, but feel these are not helping ! Dizziness as well . Would be very interested in any body advise.