CBD for Spasticity

Morning all,

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has used CBD oil to successfully ease their spasticity? If so, what brand was it? I’m very aware that there a lot of “snake oil sellers” out there and wouldn’t want to waste my money. As far as I am aware, there is still research being done (maybe there are Guinea pigs on this forum?), although MS sufferers in Wales are apperently being prescribed CBD in a spray form.

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Hi Minnie- I don’t know how I would have survived it all without CBD oil drops. One of the nurses in the hospital told me about it, but said they can’t prescribe it because its’ not yet FDA approved. I had leg spasms after my stroke 4 years ago. They would hit every night after I got into bed. My left leg would strongly seize up about once a minute. I could not get to sleep. So, I tried 20mg CBD oil(with a measured eye-dropper) under my tongue. (Hold it there as long as you can, for better absorption.). Within 30 to 60 minutes the seizures would stop. If they didn’t, then I took another 20mg. They always stopped within 30 minutes after the second dose. They say to start low(like 15 mg) and slowly increase until you find what works). More than needed is not necessarily better. Some people need more, some less. I liked Chocolate Mint. There are gummies as well, but I read the tongue oils worked fastest. I ordered on line from Ancient Life CBD and FAB–also ShiKai Topicals. But I am in the USA so I don’t know if they ship internationally. They can make you sleepy (good at night time), so I was careful not to drive the car after using it. I also got the ok from my cardiologist and GP. Both were fine with it and my GP said many of her patients used it. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Hi Minnie, yes I have tried CBD oil a few times as I also have arthritis and spinal probs … I got mine from simply CBD which is in U.K. …to be perfectly honest, after trying 3 different ones, each for a month, they did nothing for me … but strangely they did for our arthritic dog … made her move much better and barely a limp …just not for me … but always worth a try, so good luck
Val xx

Thanks Val. That doesn’t sound very promising as far as the spasticity is concerned. I guess that’s why the research is ongoing. Meanwhile, I suppose I’ll hang fire until I get a few more answers.