Catching breath

Hi, since my stroke in January 2018 i keep 'catching my breath ' several times a day. Its like im doing a long sniff through my nose and inhale at same time. Totally involuntary. Probably once an hour.  Its something ive got used to now but dont know why it happens... Ive got an annual stroke check up next week so will ask the hospital . Just wondered if anyone else has this? 

Hi Sunshine

This isn't something I have come across before, maybe it's just a sort of coping mechanism for you? Definitely mention it at your check up next week - I hope it goes well. Let us know what they say about the breathing issue.

Take care


Hi Vicki, i mentioned it and they dont think its got anything to do with the stroke,  so i explained that ive only had this since then...weird. I will mention it to my GP when next see him.