Carotid Web Artery - has anyone has this rare contributary cause of a stroke?

Anyone suffered from a Carotid web complication with being an underlying cause for a Stroke?

As it seems rare, im looking to learn from others experiences and treatments/recoverys if anyone else on the forum has the same Stroke cause and underlying issue potentially?

Many thanks

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@chops welcome to the forum. I had a carotid artery dissection as the cause of my stroke. Not sure if that’s the same as a carotid web artery though.
Good luck with your recovery.
Best wishes

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Hi there,

Thank you, is a carotid dissection classed as a variation of the standard artery layout, ie thickening or slight bulb area or similar? I’m guessing this may be caused by a bleed potentially? (My knowledge is very limited so far).
Sorry to hear you went through this, I hope you have made a good recovery.

I had a TACS ischemic Stroke from a blood clot.

I have been out of hospital for a week but waiting on follow up appointments, just scans so far, so I don’t feel like I know any more yet, and looking at published limited papers online related to carotid web and seems to be the absolute worst thing to do :see_no_evil:.

I’m 40, non smoker, hardly drink, and was really fit from cycling and riding before etc so it has been totally out of the blue, I guess as it happens to most people too 😵‍💫🥴.

Many thanks

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@chops the dissection was explained to me as a bit like a bruise that grew in the artery which looked a bit like a bulb area I guess. Fortunately mine didn’t close off whole artery but where it grew it caused a clot which travelled to my occipital and parietal lobes. I am making good progress with my recovery thank you but still a bit to go yet. I’m getting used to being told it is still early days yet at just 6 months.
I agree that looking online can cause more anxiety than it solves.
Like you I was fit, never smoked, didn’t drink and ran 3 times a week and was only 49 at time of stroke.
It’s difficult to understand why it happens when you have few / no risk factors but I have learnt it is more common than you think and can happen to anyone.
Good luck in finding answers and with your recovery.


Good luck with your recovery it’s hard work :wink:

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On 23rd August this year, I had a 95% blocked carotid artery operated on, then about a week later, had a Tia, which I was told was probably due to surgery, but at that point no physical damage. About 2 weeks later, I had massive head pain and some paralysis sensations and couldn’t move in bed. I was very scared, I live by myself but managed to call for help. Another MRI scan revealed I’d had another bleed, but again I seemed ok. Another week passed and it was on the morning of the Queen’s funeral, that I had the same strange paralysis feeling upon trying to get out of bed and realised that my left leg was extremely weak to the point of not being able to walk and my left arm floppy. Another trip to the hospital revealed another bleed at the back, this time they said probably due to high BP, but this time I was left with some weakness to that side.
Although I’m doing much better, and have been discharged both with the stroke clinic and the vascular consultant, I just don’t feel reassured about any of it…

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@Delightfuld2001 welcome to the forum but sorry you’ve been through the mill a bit.
I’m amazed you’ve been discharged from the consultants at this early stage. I’m guessing it’s happened as they’ve identified your stroke causes & they’re treating you. If you’re not happy I would suggest speaking to your GP to find out what can be done to reassure you & whether there’s any other checks you might need.
Wishing you all the best.

Ann x

Thank you for your response. Yes to be honest, I don’t think my aftercare has been very good and I wondered if the problem had been because I was sent to 3 different hospitals, on different occasions,therefore different consultants with different opinions and no communication! A letter from one hospital said I was doing well and following physio closely, but I haven’t had any physio at all! I had a walking stick, a bathboard and a perching chair delivered, was told about fatigue and to ‘pace’ myself but that’s about it. Yes, I will go to see my GP because there are still things I’m concerned about like my eye feels constantly irritated and the left side of my neck feels more painful than the operated side which I know is 50% blocked and a few other issues I don’t know, I might just be paranoid, but I can’t settle. Thank you for your best wishes, appreciated

Thank you for your response, appreciate that and yes I will go and see my GP as I am still concerned about a few things. I feel I was discharged far too early with no proper support. I appreciate that my mini strokes could have been far worse when I read about other people’s stories, but still scary nonetheless. Glad that I’ve found this informative site. Best wishes Debbie

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@Delightfuld2001 hope you can get some help from your GP. Being seen at different hospitals probably hasn’t helped but it’s not really an excuse. I wonder sometimes when I see the consultants letters whether we’ve been in the same appointment. I recently had a letter saying I had right sided weakness. It’s very obvious I have left sided weakness. I just laughed. I know they are very busy people but it doesn’t give you much faith does it.
Hoping you get the help you need.
Best wishes.

Ann xxx

I hope your on the road to recovery now, scary journey.