Carotid endarterectomy

I had a stroke 7 weeks ago and was informed today i need an operation to unblock carotid artery. has anybody had this procedure i dont know what to do .

Dear Steve

When we have a full stroke, we need to get passed as medically fit to leave hospital.

You have no doubt gone through that first barrier. Then there is an approx barrier that, for about four weks, our lives are still in danger. You have gone through that second barrier. Then there are the attempts to prevent another, future, stroke. Usually this is medication/sensible diet/reasonable exercise and so on. In your case it includes unblocking one of your arteries. Most of us do not have this procedure. But plenty of us do get this procedure. I hope another survivor will tell you about the op. Then the final bit is to get recovery, which we have to do for ourselves.

Many of us see more of doctors and hospitals than we have ever encountered before.

Its great that the doctors have noted your blockage and will remove it. Please see this as a positive thing, not a negative. 

Do let us know how you progress, we are all here on your side

Best wishes


Thankyou Colin