Caring for a stroke

My wife had a stroke on our 44th wedding anniversary 20th August. We had just picked our daughter up from an airport and she stroked as we were driving home at in a very rural area some 75 miles from home. The ambulance arrived much more quickly than I expected and she was in Leeds General within 2 hours. The stroke was considered the most serious and for the first 48 hours we weren’t certain if she would survive. However she did and was able to be repatriated to a local hospital where she has made some progress especially with speech although she still has very limited movement on her left side. The hope is she will continue to make progress BUT she is very anxious to come home after five weeks in hospital. As well as coping with the intense emotional distress the event has caused I now need to see what is needed to get her home asap, i.e. stairlifts remodelled bathrooms etc. I’m in a daze as to where to turn for information or as to what financial help may be available. Any advice would be very very gratefully received

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Before I came home I was brought on a home visit to see what adjustments needed to be made. An extra stair rail, hand grips and a seat in the shower were all fitted free by Age UK. I had six weeks physio at home which included climbing the stairs. After six months, I was also entitled to Age Allowance. Please phone the Stroke Association helpline. I am lucky that my local health board gave superb help and back up.

@Grazza welcome But sorry your wife has had a severe stroke.

The hospital shouldn’t release her until it is safe for her to go home this includes providing some aids for her. They should do an assessment of your home I think. Have a word with the hospital occupational therapists as they should be able to explain it all to you.

I wish you and your wife all the best with her recovery.

Don’t forget to look after yourself too. She’s going to need you to be strong and have lots of patience.

Best wishes.

brought the tears… we all want to be at home. where we can sleep properly, relax and eat.
but yes, the hospital should advise you what to do regarding taking care of your wife.

Remember the medication she will be on and fatigue she will be in after a stroke will change her a lot. She will push people away, will be frustrated because of constant pain. Every day is different for us.

Make sure you look after yourself and do not ignore yourself and most importantly, take the breaks.
hug her as much as you can and keep telling her she does not have to worry about anything, all is under control.

we all wish you all the best and we are here to support you .

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Hi my hubby had a stroke two years Christmas
I didn’t have a clue where to go to
She should have social worker that will help you get right equipment before she comes home they also help you with finance what you can claim for
We with bradford Council they adult social department help us
Our col got wheelchair from hospital which I didn’t have pay for the care package only went on my hubby wage thought they would look at my income but some reason they didn’t
Colin as cares 4 time a day
Wheelchair hoist incontinence pad and I just got told we can have a grant
Benefits he gets is PIP
We still waiting for a ramp
Please don’t struggle or in my case I felt guilty asking for help
End of day you work all your life
Also please look after yourself
Wish all the best hope get all the help you can for your wife wish her speedy recovery

Thanks everyone for your supportive comments. Makes things slightly less overwhelming to know that there is this body of support out there

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