I just wanted to give a shout out to all the carers, friends, family & loved ones who do so much for us following our strokes. Having a stroke not only changes the life of the stroke survivor but can also be life changing for those that care for us. Carers can often be the forgotten ones & give up their time willingly to help us through.

18 months on from my stroke my husband still does so much for me (taking me to appointments, cooking, shopping etc) & without his help I’d be stuck. He’s had to reduce his working hours & often drops things at short notice to help me.

To all you carers out there thank you so much & please don’t forget to take time for yourself too. You definitely deserve it.



@Mrs5K Thank you

This gets my vote too

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They are so wonderful, aren’t they? I hate that I can be so tiring to someone else, because they are picking up the things I am no longer doing, or at least not doing yet. And the patience they must have for my bad days, when I am annoyed or frustrated. I try to keep that to myself, but that means laying around somewhere out of the way, in turn, making them worry I am having another stroke, while I am really just trying to keep my mouth shut lest I say something regretful.


A great big thank you from me too :blush:

Well said Mrs 5K

Regards Sue


@DeAnn that’s so true. It’s a good job my hubby is more patient than me :grin: i’m sure there are times when he could cheerfully throttle me.

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What a lovely post. As a carer for my wife Brenda, it meant a lot. Thank you Mrs5K


Thank you @Mrs5K , I really needed that x

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@Brendabuck i think carers do an amazing job & i’m sure we all appreciate what you do but forget to tell you sometimes. Without you all we would be in a pickle

Thank you.

@Craftchick i hope you are ok. Take care of yourself xx

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Thanks @Mrs5K, it’s just so hard at the moment - and seems to be getting harder x

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You’re doing amazing @Craftchick stay strong. Could you get some extra help from anywhere? That might give you an opportunity to have a break. xxx

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Thanks @Loshy, those hugs are really appreciated x

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Thanks @Mrs5K , it’s just been a difficult few weeks as we’ve all had flu at the same time. I’ve spent some time in the garden in the last couple of days, so that’s helped to pick me up a bit x

@Craftchick oh poor you. Thats all you need flu on top of everything else. Hope it’s gone away now.

Sending love xx

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Thank you. Some days are hard not to get (too) cross back or guilty if I go off somewhere for the day. Posts like this raise my spirits. :grinning: x


What lovely posts wish id get a thank you the social worker was right what she said in hospital you won’t be his wife you will be his carer im sorry all i do on here is moan i feel at rock bottom and all i can do is cry our world has been turned upside down not just his

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@lynne_day923 it’s such hard work being a carer & its a role no-one usually chooses. As the stroke survivor i don’t think i thanked my hubby enough for everything he did & still does for me. I absolutely appreciate it all though even if I didn’t tell him at the time. I’ve made up for it lately.

It’s as hard, if not harder for the carers. You need to look after yourself too. My GP surgery do events for carers. Perhaps see if you can access something like that where you are. Or any local care groups…not necessarily for stroke care givers. Talking to people going through similar to you & sharing of ideas might help.

Sending you lots of love & hugs. Stay strong you’ve got this. :heart::heart::hugs::hugs:

Ann xx