Car Insurance

It’s that time of year again, when I need to renew my car insurance. Even a lot of companies who advertise being insurers for people with disabilities cannot provide a courtesy car with the adaptations I need. Has anyone found an insurer who will provide an adapted courtesy car? I’ve been getting the ordinary big standard insurance up to now, but it’s always at the back of my mind that I might end up with no transport if my car got smashed up!

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@MinnieB now that is a difficult one. I suspect there won’t be anyone as there are many different versions of adaptations out there & I guess it’s not cost effective to have them sat around just in case. I don’t know but that’s my best guess.
Maybe try an insurance broker who can do the hardwork of searching for you. The only other place I can think of trying is motability.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Think I would agree with you. It would be hard, or even impossible to make an adapted car to suit all users

I got an adapted courtesy car last time I had an accident. Unfortunately i can’t remember who I was insured with. I’ll look for the paperwork tomorrow.


I was insured with LV. The courtesy car was a one size fits all adapted car.

Oh wow that’s great. I’m with LV and never knew they did that probably because I’ve never needed it. Good to know it is possible though.

Thanks. I haven’t tried LV yet. I check them out.