Car care

Stubborn or fanatical

Or just mad
You decide

Picture this
I’m ready for my weekly under bonnet check routine, it raining blowing a Gail, just finished a slice of homemade cake, in a warm house.

Do I a sit back and let it go down
Bcurl up in my chair for a snooze
C or don my new coat and hurl my shattered body outside to do what needs doing
I could have left it or got my poor wife to do it
Or ignored it till next week, butno i launched my walking dead corps into the wilds and did the job returning after a thorough soaking (coat working well thankfully) back to the sanity of the house after locking up the garage doors.

Talk about fanatical and stubbornly persistent.

Oh well my mind is happy my body a bit less so but I prevail ed

Keep on trucking everyone never give up recovery in what ever form is around the corner.


@mrfrederickson good on you for carrying on despute the dreary day. Always a great sense of achievement afterwards i think.


Yes true but in the old days it would have been so much easier, if only I could walk normally without having to use a stick

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@mrfrederickson Good for you. When I do tasks that are hard and daunting I feel the struggle, but when I complete said task. I feel great and say to myself “I Did IT”, “I Did It”. …and smile.

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Of course a bit of both M F @mrfrederickson

I know it’s tricky - I struggle with very shaky hands and this used to take me 2 mins - it is a little fussy as you need a flight hole punch and little silver rings and a decent stem.

I don’t play much anymore but my winmau valhallahs deserve more :wink: :polar_bear:

:dart: :dart: :dart:


Excellent KGB such great resilience.

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Something I’m hoping to take up in the new year in my garage