Can't pee

A few weeks after leaving hospital my husband had problems peeing. The urge was there but the ability to actually pass urine was not. This gradually got worse until a few days ago he was sent to A and E to have a bladder scan as he hadn’t peed for about 36 hours. They drained his bladder which was very full, and inserted a catheter which has made thing easier. On going we are not sure if this is temporary or permanent. The district nurse is looking into this for us. My husband is on antibiotics due to a toe wound and has some delirium. The GP is aware but doesn’t think he has a serious urinary infection. He has had a fall and dreadful diarhoea with loss of appetite. This all makes life difficult as our free care package has ended. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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I can make a comment, but it might not be relevant for you. Sometimes these things hide away, but can be the side effects of a medication or combination of medicines.
I personally experienced a bladder infection from nowhere, indirectly caused perhaps by a medication. Eventually after some tests it was recognised and within a day or two with an antibiotic which I took for a week, it was gone. It was unpleasant, painful and I became very run down and depressed until it was dealt with. It was a relief when finally it was gone. There has been no re-occurrence.

All the best to you and your husband and may your woes soon be behind you.

Welcome. You have come to a good place. You will find a sympathetic, listening ear and quite possibly some good advice from others here.

@H5JHR it sounds like you’re husband is going through it a bit at the moment as you will be too. My dad had a similar problem a few years ago & he had a catheter inserted which made life a lot easier. After a while he did a trial without catheter at the hospital & this may be something them try with your husband when the time is right.
It is possible that medication could be playing a part in some of these symptoms but it may just be part of the stroke. I had & still have loss of appetite & to thus day just ear because its meal time rather than because of hunger.
Sending you best wishes & positive thoughts & really hope it settles for you both soon .

Shwmae @H5JHR, I couldn’t really say but had a friend who had an enlarged prostrate which the hospital docs didn’t pick up on for months until he finally had to have an operation.

I have been told by his partner that for the last week, all she has heard is the sound of joyful peeing, because he can finally do it.

Hope it gets resolved.

I have had this problem for many years - 45 yrs in fact, since my car crash.

Some men can have ‘shy bladder syndrome’ or prostate problems, but I know mine isn’t either of these symptoms and I believe the damage I suffered to my head/brain left me less able to ‘focus’ or concentrate on things, such as peeing.

I cannot go to a urinal and if out and about, I will only use a toilet with a door that can close and lock, but even at home, if I hear a noise or hear my wife/phone ringing/TV it’s as though I then ‘forget’ what I am doing and it is then extremely difficult to concentrate and be able to pee.

I have never ever told anyone about this by the way - my wife obviously is aware, but no one else knows - apart from you all now!

I read the post ‘can’t pee’ and thought ‘I’ve finally got to say something’ so there you have it folks - you heard it here first… :pensive:

@Bert 45 years is a long time to have the issue. It’s amazing how our brains can make associations which affect things we do.
Hopefully you fel better for sharing…your secrets safe with us xx

Thanks @Mrs5K for the support, it’s really appreciated. If you ever see a low-loader driving around with half a dozen toilet cubicles on the back, they’re not for a big concert, it will just be me carrying around my own private loos


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s an image.

@Bert tee hee. I’ll look out for the low loader :grin::grin::grin:

You won’t miss them @Mrs5K - I’m just painting a road sign that goes in front of the low loader that says, ‘Caution! Stop! Person trying to pee! :rofl:

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I shouldn’t laugh but afraid I did :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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