Cannot straighten legs

Can still walk with walker, or whilst holding onto furniture. Have been left with swallowing problems, depression as well as lack of balance. Am using wheelchair when indoors, to rest legs. After total paralysis etc., I should be proud. Why am I not, and has anyone else suffered similarly? Thank you and big love xx

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@Spacer sounds like you’ve made some good progress. Well done.

You are probably hankering after the mobility level you had pre stroke which is very understandable. Part of the battle is accepting that things might not be the same again. I have accepted that I’m unlikely to walk properly again but even with that acceptance I have days where I get very frustrated with it all.

Keep going. You’re doing great & hopefully you’ll continue to improve.

Best wishes


Thanks so much Loraine. Best wishes to you too. Carole xx

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Thanks so much Ann. I miss being able lots. Took stroke at only 28. Am 58 now. Good luck with your frustration as well. Carole xx

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Spacer, It is hard accepting the way are now compared to they what were pre-stroke. Concentrate on the small gains made, you will find that add up over time to a big gain. Moira

Thanks a lot Moira. Appreciate your words. Best wishes Carole xx

Spacer–You were totally paralyzed, and now you walk!! That’s wonderful progress! ( I was totally paralyzed on one side.) You have to push yourself to walk as much as you can. I did too. It was so hard and tiring at first, but the more you do it the stronger you’ll get. It does take a while though to build that strength. Same with the swallowing. and balancing. You have to retrain your brain/body how to do it. The healing from many strokes takes such a long time, it’s normal to get discouraged and so, depressed. I did. And I think most of us did. I met with a counselor for a few weeks. It really helped. You just have to keep on Keepin’ on. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :heartbeat:Jeanne


Jeanne was deeply humbled by your message, as I was regarding the others too. THANK YOU all so much. So, you were paralysed on one side? Wow! Well done! It will be my 30 year anniversary on 29 January (1993). Will never forget that date. When my life changed forever, like for us all. Certainly am continually pushing myself, as it has been a long, tough road. Have had counselling three times over the years,and it has helped - mostly. I just have the odd dip, like we all do I suppose. Again, thank you very much for those beautiful words and picture! Truly appreciate all. Carole xx

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