Canabis Oil

Hi everyone, I have been reading lots on line about canabis oil and stroke recovery and wondered if any one has used it or what you're thoughts are.  I have spoken to a number of medical professionals but they are all a bit vague.  I would be grateful for any thoughts or advice on this matter.



Hi sue

Personally am taking enough drugs, my daughter takes something similar for her joints but says it doesn't work, you can but try! As long as it doesn't interfere with your current medication,


All down to personal choice and it isn't clear from your post what you are expecting it to do?  It seems to me that there are people claiming it as a 'miracle cure' for a whole range of things at the moment (last year they were doing the same for turmeric!).  That has resulted in a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and selling it.  Problem is that unless you know a dose, the strength of the oil you are using and that it is a reliable supplier you are playing russian roulette with your health and personally I wouldn't.  Doctors don't prescribe it because they have no proof it works and there is no research available to answer the many questions they have.  I guess we have all seen the parents of children with problems asking for it but I am old enough to remember when Factor 8 was new for the treament of heamophilia and how pleased people were to have it - you might have seen the ongoing case in court at the moment?  Now they are suing, no wonder doctors worry about prescribing something that hasn't been researched and tested.

Hi, thanks for your thoughts on this. I had heard that it can be particularly beneficial for spasticity. I am currently taking Baclofen and have  a Botox  injection every 3-4 months. I have also heard of a lady who was unable to have any further Botox injections and took canabis oil instead and was amazed at the results. Thanks for your reply