Can you drive after having a Stroke

I have a friend who has had a stroke about 2 months ago. He has no vision issues and is building strength in his right side hand 

Hi Dawn, I had a stroke 3 months ago which affected my left hand side but not seriously. Driving was my main worry too, as I was told you can not drive for at least month after a stroke and they recommend speaking to a doctor or specialist on your 6 week follow up for them to ok it. My situation was slightly different as I also had a HGV and bus licence which I will loose for at least 12 month's. As for my car licence the stroke specialist said he would write to DVLA and tell them I was ok to drive. When I first came home my left leg was quite weak and I couldn't operate the clutch but with physio and constantly trying it came back stronger. One word of caution I found driving very tiring at first and could only do about 30 minutes to start with. Getting a bit easier now though.

I was told by the hospital Consultant that I couldn't drive for a month. 

Hi Phoebes mum - that's quite correct. After a stroke or a TIA you are not permitted to drive for one month, no matter how well you feel. 
I looked into this after my stroke and discovered that there is no need to inform DVLA or your insurer unless you are experiencing an impairment that would affect your driving ability. 
I resumed driving after about five weeks as I knew I was still competent. However, if you have any doubt you should consult your GP.
There's information on about it and I think there is also some information on this site too (maybe in the video library). 

My car’s MOT ran out while I was very unwell from the Stroke and we sold it so although I have had the all clear from the DVLA , my GP and the Stroke Nurse (both of whom have actually seen me) I haven’t plucked up the courage to drive our larger car yet - going to have a driving lesson first if I can afford it