Can never get used to this!

Took my stroke in 1993, when I was only 28.  I know some people suffer similarly, or worse, and I apologise.  We are ALL dealing with this differently. Was a legal assistant, before all this.  Have done many voluntary jobs and/or courses. Am now 55, and use a walker (was in a chair for 14 years).  After falling again last night, and almost smashing my front teeth, was reminded again about how much I loathe being disabled.  Realise I am lucky to have overcame total paralysis etc, but I'm still pining for my lost youth and marriage (which ended due to me becoming disabled).  Met up with my childhood sweetheart, Billy, when I returned to Scotland but he sadly passed suddenly in 2013.  Have become extremely independent, as much as I can be.  Thankfully, have great friends and family.  Please tell me I am not alone in thinking this way? Confidence took a bashing! Ta  X 


Thanks Jane.  No wonder you were terrified, being alone downstairs.  I live alone, so totally understand.  Jeez, you took your stroke only 8 months ago???  Wow!  I was still in hospital, after 8 months!  Was in for a year, actually = eek!  How did it affect you?

I go to bed too around 10pm, as like to get up early, so have always preferred an 8 hour sleep, at least!  Tiredness is a symptom after stroke. Can fully understand why you don't want to go to bed alone. Still, very early days Jane.  Don't beat yourself up.  What you are going through is perfectly normal post stroke.  Please don't give up either.

Thanks again.  I hope I don't regress, but don't think I will!  I won't give up, promise.  Cheers.  Stay safe and well.  Peace Carole