Can medication cause weight gain?!

Thank you for reminding of the dance steps! And especially for bringing in the other factors, aside from medication. They usually are the bigger culprits.


I had, and sometimes still have that type of experience at 2.5 years. I wish I had @SimonInEdinburgh and @EmeraldEyes advisement they shared with you. It would have been so much better, I think. That ‘diary’ most especially. But I still haven’t gotten to the pharmacy for the B’s and I highly suspect I could use them. I did have prescribed vitamins, but I think my insurance wouldn’t pay for them anymore, rather than the physicians stopping them. I definitely second the idea of speaking with your GP about a blood test to check.


@DeAnn @EmeraldEyes @SimonInEdinburgh I have blood tests booked for Monday, I think it’s thyroid, liver and cholesterol mainly being checked this time.
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I am hoping it is a complete blood culture that can tell even more.


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Liver tends to be checked anytime any of the others are changed, cholesterol is often checked but particularly after cholesterol medicine changed

can’t speculate on the thyroid but I hope it all turns out with values in the right range



Hi Sam nice to hear from you. I agree wx the others your weight gain is probably due to doing less than you used to. I have to make sure I fit in enough exercise every day and try not to snack. It’s so easy to have that added extra cake or biccy when you’re home all day. Take care love suzywong


Hello Sammy,

tricky question ; tricky solution. You want to be able to lose weight / stay the same / gain weight on demand. Be strict with what you eat. Go for the best quality food you can get hold of. Completely forget about wine, pizzas, cola (aspartame) drastically reduce refined sugar (no more ice cream) minimize or eliminate carbs, the list goes on.

Clever things to do are find out your blood type to optimize your diet. Eat lots of protein to fuel the start of day, and possibly some carbs ( which are quick to break down ) at day’s end. I have eliminated carbs. (yes, no pasta) but have not been 100% strict while on holiday. I lost over 20kg after my stroke. Helps with my BP.

You will enjoy being in control of your diet, but you must be strict as hell.
BTW the answer to your question is YES !
Also, the human body is so very efficient. So going for a walk burns very few calories.
(unless, like me, you walk like half a door-post)
Good luck, Roland

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