Can life be any harder on top of a stroke

The answer is yes
You can get diahoria
Being not mobile
It poses some interesting problems and bad accidents
No sign of god granting me some good luck it seems just more suffering


Hope it clears up quickly @mrfrederickson. Your good luck is hopefully waiting around the corner.

The Imodium tablets to the rescue not sure the good luck is going to change but I certainly moved a bit quicker on route to the toilets surprised myself


Hopefully only a quick 24/48 bug going through your system.
I had one in rehab which started in the middle of an OT session - which was a game of Wii bowling. Was gutted i couldnt finish the game but thankfully Sam my OT got me to a loo just in time.

Its horrible though Mark i agree abd you have my sympathies buddy.

Hoes your job going? Well i hope x

Your OT. Is a star, settling down at present if I go all night without incident I’ll be pleased.

Just had tea and seems better the big test will be in 12 hours

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:laughing: Hope it wasn’t a vindaloo that caused it :laughing: There’s an American two word term for that but it’s too crass for this forum :innocent:
Whatever it was, hopefully its all flushed out of you now and you’ll be much better in the morning. Take care :wink:

Thanks everyone 7 hours and all good , over night will be a good indicator.
Hopefully all clear in the morning as need to accompany my daughter on a hospital appointment about her appendix. Fingers crossed.

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No a pizza was the culprit although it could have been the meal deal chicken chaser wrap

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You have my sympathies. However, I’ve always found Immodium a bit harsh on the digestive system. For the last 10 years or so I’ve taken Acidophilus tablets away on holiday to cope with that type of emergency and they work just as well without ‘bunging’ you up for days (the added bonus is that they’re brilliant for making yoghurt!)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The mind boggles :laughing: and I don’t think I’d want to know how :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I have normality

At least I can fart without consequences.


Huge relief that. Enjoy your evening

Thanks Andy on the mend, now begins the how long before I go again

Thanks Minnie will take that onboard