Can I be any use to you

Had a stroke 4 years ago aged 30 left me with vision loss in upper left of both eyes (cant drive anymore), twitching in left arm and unhealthy anger at the world, self medicated with booze ( wasnt the answer) went back to work 5 months after being pronounced brain dead. Married with 3 kids the last one came after the stroke my junk obviously isn't visually impaired. If I can help anyone at the beginning of the journey message me. I'm not a victim or a survivor I'm just me all be it slightly gimpy.



I should of added I spent 4 years looking for answers and haven't really got any would be happy to help someone else if I can.


Hi my name is Eddie I had a sense stroke nearly 10 months ago I can walk for a while with my stick but get tired I would like to do it daily but at the minute physical can't manage it any ideas.? I have movement in my arm but my hand is being very stubbourn I would be very grateful  for any help or advice you can give me.

Hi Eddie. Welcome to our forum. My stroke was four years ago and I am still working on my recovery. I have learnt that recovery is much slower than one hopes, but it does happen. In the early days  my physio told me the leg and foot recover faster than the arm and hand because they perform less complex functions. This advice has proved true in my experience.

Like you, I walk  with a stick. I walk at a relatively slow pace, but try to add to the distance so that I walk a little more each time. I also try to focus on how I walk by looking at foot positioning etc., I still have good days and bad days walking though.

I have found cooking and baking good for the hand and arm and utilising the weak hand as often as possible is essential. Up until self isolation I also attended three exercise classes a week. I now do a daily walk followed by ten minutes exercise in the kitchen.

It may not console you much, but post stroke fatigue still hits be around noon each day. I just go with it and have an hour's nap and then am good till nearly midnight.

Above all, remember determination will see you through. I also laugh at myself a lot. Remember, this forum has lots of good people who give sound advice. Good luck for your recovery.

Thanks for your quick reply I get down alot because I can't see alot of improvement although people tell me I am improving. I still find it hard to come to terms with it but I know I have to 

Thank you for your reply I have never contacted any one before 


I had a stroke over 9 months ago; I walk with a walking frame, slowly and with very poor balance, also use a wheelchair which