Can a Stroke be pinpointed to a year/month when it happened?

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone has ever been told that a stroke could be pinpointed to a certain year or a time? I was told in 2017 that I’d had a stroke but it was an ‘old’ stroke, a very significant one. I believe my life changed after being thrown through a car windscreen in 1977 , so over 45 years ago, but I’d carried on knowing things were very different but didn’t ever know why. I nearly died in the crash and just wanted to know if there is a way to confirm the actual time of the stroke. Cheers Bert

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@Bert I’m not sure if it can be pinpointed if it was so long ago. I would imagine someone who had a large stroke would notice that they weren’t the same. The crash you describe could be the cause. You don’t describe what the changes in you were following the crash so not sure if they were stroke like symptoms. Did they do any scans at that point? I would ask your GP / consultant & see if they can shed any light on it. Best wishes Ann

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Thanks Mrs5K & Loshy,
I was 19yrs old and a passenger, thrown through the windscreen onto the bonnet after we hit a lampost.
I was only in hospital for a day as they needed the beds! Sent home in their PJ’s - I had over 140 stitches in face, forehead and top of head and was told by the nurse not to look into any mirrors for a while!
When I went back to work I couldn’t remember how to do my job, I struggled on but found that I couldn’t ‘re-learn’ something that I’d already learnt in the past if that makes sense? I never had any problems with hands, arms, legs etc and speech was okay, but I couldn’t remember things. My wife of 43 years says I used to arrange to meet her when we were courting and never turn up! I’m surprised she married me;-)

Thanks both for your replies, it’s really appreciated. Take care, John aka Bert

@Bert that sounds awful. Must have been a frightening time for you. Seems like all those years ago the NHS were as short of beds as they are today. Nice to see nothing changes :grin: not good to be sent home in that state though. I was in a nasty car accident with my hubby 13 years ago & they were so desperate to meet their targets I got released with no clothes or means of transport with the words you can take the gown and get the bus. You could just imagine the sight that would have made :rofl::rofl: in my non medical opinion it’s highly possible the accident bought on your stroke. I think you would remember something happening if it was a different occasion. Your now wife must have thought a great deal of you is she forgave you standing her up all those times :grin: xx

Hi again @Loshy and @Mrs5K - yes I know, but I did remember to go to our wedding :smile:
Your car accident @Mrs5K sounds similar as I was kicked out in their PJ’s and my working boots. I was standing outside hospital on a pavement waiting for a Taxi. It doesn’t sound like things have ever changed much does it? When I visited hospital in 2017 Loraine @Loshy they said I’d had a ruptured artery in my neck which then stopped the left side of my brain receiving oxygen etc. What was fascinating was that they said the ruptured artery had produced/formed a network of other veins/capillaries which had then started sending the blood to the brain. A miracle I believe. I suffered with severe headaches and memory loss from 1977 but like I said, I’m doing okay. Got to go now - the woman who lives here has told me to stop using her laptop and get back to my own house :slight_smile: :rofl:
Take care, John

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Cheers @Mahoney for the message and info, I will have a look at the link in a minute.
Take care, John aka Bert

Shwmae @Bert, you can indeed see old stroke damage after the fact. It fades but shows up as a dull grey. Even with my own stroke, they were able to identify three months worth of TIAs and tell me which was the first, but not the timeframe.

In fact, medical scientists have examined dead people who show old TIAs throughout their life they probably never knew existed. As for time and date, I doubt it. A stroke leaves a scar, but as far as I know it can’t pinpoint the moment of the wound.

@Bert I’m glad it wasn’t just me that got to go home in the hospital designer gear :rofl::rofl:
It’s amazing what the body can do isn’t it creating all those extra veins for you. Wow :grin: have a great Sunday xx

Thanks @Rups that is very interesting and upsetting when you mention the amount of TIAs that can still occur, that must have been very worrying for you and others on here that this has happened to. Take care, Bert aka John