Calling Connect and Chat Volunteers

Hello, I am a first-time Connect and Chat volunteer and am looking for others (new or experienced) with whom to share experiences and ideas.  Is anyone out there?   

Hi am Sue and am doing the Lived experience telephone support, I have finished my first 12week support (supporting a couple)and currently 8weeks into my second (supporting a carer). I am really enjoying it, the best advice I can share is be supportive and listen ,reassure them and let them know,they are not alone and if you have any experience share it, with any tips that you found that works for you . Sometimes just talking and understanding what they are going through is a valuable support and instantly connects you.

As a connect and chat volunteer you could talk about anything, what hobbies did they have and how can they achieve it now ? By talking and listening to each other, together you will work it out.

There's life after stroke just sometimes you have to find a different way ! ?  sue x

Are you still looking for people? This is something that I would like to look into in the near future.