Calling anyone who has had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)

I had a SAH nearly 8 months ago and thankfully have now made an almost full recovery (apart from some visual problems).

I've been asking if there's been any research into any symptoms before a SAH. The literature usually says it happens spontaneously but I'm sure I had minor bleeds before (especially when flying) and my vision was slightly affected. I was talking to someone recently who had also had a SAH and we both found our ability to enjoy reading was affected well before and also we got travel motion sickness. We were wondering if there is more anecdotal from others as it could be a very fruitful line for research if anuerysms could then be detected and treated before they burst.

It would be great if others felt able to share any accounts of incidents they had before their SAH or share their recovery journey as again this seeems different for each person.

Hi Mary

I am not aware of any specific research into symptoms prior to experiencing a Subarchnoid Hemorrhage, usually people don't experience symptoms in advance of a SAH, but it may be worth speaking to your GP or stroke consultant to see if they are aware of any research into this area.

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Yes me I had mine 1year ago yesterday. ayear today air amblance to hospital. 4 coils and later crainiotomy to remove massive bleed.

Hi I had mine 3 months ago prior to it occurring I had been having more headaches my balance and perception felt off and I also had a couple of dizzy spells. I just felt off but attributed it to high summer temps and being overworked as per usual?

Hi I to also believe I experienced symptoms prior to being hospitalized about 1-2 months prior.    Balance felt off, had some dizzy spells and reaction judgement when driving felt off . And more headaches 

Hi - I think there are a number of people, who in retrospect, may have had the odd symptom prior to stroke.  However, it's nothing that would send you off to the GP or hospital as they're very non-specific things and unlikely to ring any alarm bells.  My husband had a very odd event about a week before his stroke - he became very confused, didn't understand why we weren't away on holiday, didn't know what day it was.  He had just been discharged from hospital following mitral valve heart surgery, so I just put it down to post-surgery fuzziness, but looking back it was possibly a warning sign.  Had I sought medical advice at that time, I'm certain I would have been told it was just the anaesthetic etc, so I can't beat myself up about it.  Maybe in the future, as more research is carried out, some of these signs might trigger a medical response and follow up ?

thanks for writing. I'm wondering if people reflect retrospectively that there are many who have SAH have indeed had some symptoms like us. I do hope you're on the road to a good recovery

Hi, I had my SAH 5 weeks ago and am still trying to get my head around it, (if you will pardon the pun).  One minute I was having a major coughing fit due to a chest infection, at the same time my head felt like it was going to explode, 2 visits from the paramedics and 2 visits to the GP over 4 days finally saw me being diagnosed with a SAH.  Fortunately after all the tests I didn't need any surgery but my headaches persist and I am constantly exhausted still.  Am I just being too impatient?  I am having difficulties with finding the occasional word in the middle of a sentence fortunately my family can work out what I am on about but I have started warning people about it now, it makes things easier.  I would be grateful for any advice or top tips. Thank you