I suffered a stroke 3 years ago , I feel ok but it affected my right leg and right arm , I feel the other day and broke my wrist, good job it’s was my I can still use the other one, but I say go on things will get better ...

Hello Callie1,

Things will get better, of course, and that wrist will heal. You’re lucky that you did not have a more serious break or a head injury.

It’s been 8 years after my Stroke; I was left side affected and walk unaided. I still slip or stumble about once a year, but usually when I am tired or unwell. It has become more unusual to fall as time has gone by. It can be upsetting to fall but I was bed-bound and then in a wheelchair at first and everything is better than those awful, early days.

I have epilepsy after my Stroke; it is under control now but, when seizures were more common for me, I took to wearing a cycling helmet, as odd as it looked or now sounds. 

I’ve learnt to reflect on what causes my trips and falls, so I can avoid them. This might sound obvious but walking seven miles alone up a mountain in the Summer was obviously not one of my better ideas. I sprained my Stroke- affected thumb when I last fell - I’d tried to break my fall using my Stroke affected arm and did that only because I was carrying something in my ‘unaffected’ hand. Another lesson learnt the hard way.

Keep on keeping on and don’t let the Stroke stop you enjoying your life.

Take care now,


Hi, I feel much better now it’s life seems to get better, I only  have the one hand but I am use to it now , I am lucky my stroke left my arm , although is 5 months is Woodend hospital I was so glad to be home , take care .....

Early on, a contributor expalined to me that those of us with a positive attitude are the ones who recover better. I can follow the logic. So Callie1, you should be due for a good recovery.

Keep positive. Think of all the things you can do and not what you can not.

Best wishes


Sending warm wishing, hope you recover soon ?

Thank you