Cake recipe, lemon drizzle ninja foodi, Cake!

we just made this cake in our ninja foodi [no not those up there ! !]

this down here:

Here’s the recipe:

Lemon Drizzle Ninja

All in 1 lemon drizzle cake in the 15 in 1 Ninja Foodi
Was beautiful and moist! (but doesn’t last long)

225g butter [we used baking margarine]
225g sugar
225g self raising flour
½ tsp baking powder
zest of 2 lemons (we used oranges)
4 whisked eggs

100g granulated sugar
lemon juice to moisten

Line and grease an 8" tin.
Mix all ingredients together.
Put mixture into the tin.
Add 450ml boiling water to the ninja main pot.
Place the plastic stand
(the one that sits under the crisper basket)
or a trivet
in the bottom of the main pot.
Steam bake for 25 minutes on 160°C. [30mins for margarine]
(The whole process will take about 35-45 minutes
including warming up.)
NOTE - if you are using a butter substitute
you will need to steam bake for 30 minutes.

Once it has finished baking, remove from the Ninja.
Prick lots of holes in the the top of the cake
with a skewer/toothpick/fork while it is hot.
Add granulated sugar to a measuring jug,
up to the 100ml mark.
Mix just enough lemon juice to it
so it is loose and spoonable.
Spoon this on top of the cake while still warm.

Keep on munchin’ munchkin



@Bobbi yum yum yum. Lemon drizzle cake is one of my very favourites. Sadly no ninja to bake it in but can adapt for oven :grin::grin: bet the cake lasted about 5 mins didn’t it :rofl::rofl:

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Drool this looks absolutely amazing Bobbi! Lemon drizzle is my favourite :drooling_face: and I’ve also never been more convinced that I need an air fryer, now I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas!


@CommunityAdmin you won’t regret it. I had my doubts at first but now I’m a convert. At this very moment we are putting together Pea and Ham soup.
Look out for the 15-in-1 Ninja Foodi, the features it has are mind boggling. It will steam bake, pressure cook, saute, air fry, de-hydrate, make yogurt, make easy soups and stews, the list goes on. It is a little more expensive but the extras are not to be missed. We got ours when it was on offer at a reduced price, those offers do come around eventually.

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Thanks for the tips Bobbi! I had a look around online and found a pretty decent deal, so I’ve ordered one… :star_struck: its an early Christmas gift to myself haha!

I’ll be testing out your recipes in it first, I can’t wait! I’ve been reading about them for a while and must admit I wasn’t entirely convinced, but after reading your post and seeing the pictures I didn’t have a good enough excuse to not have one…! I’ve read a lot of reviews about the Ninja brand and figured it had to be worth it. I’ll let you know how I get on! I’m very excited!!!


Hello @Bobbi. Wowsers :yum:. Enjoy :grin: Julia x

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@CommunityAdmin I plan on making a batch of marmalade but we don’t get to the shops so it might be a while before we get the oranges. Any nice oranges will do, no need to go hunting for seville or anything specialist. As soon as am able I’ll get recipe posted with pictures.

Bobbi. I make the BBC low sugar marmalade, but I’m a cheat. I use Mamade and throw in glace ginger from Sainsburys. I find cooking challenging but therapeutic.


@John_Jeff_Maynard I bet the ginger adds something special. What a good idea.

I just simply slice up oranges, pressure cook until the skin is disintegrating then put in a pan with water and sugar, heating up to the magic figure, 105°C I think it is. One time I tried making a pear jam but it was too bland. I forgot to keep an eye on it and the sugar solution began to caramelize. I thought I’d ruined it, but it turned out to be delicious. A happy accident I have since attempted to repeat without any success.

That have Sugar DIETETICS levels go sky high

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We’ve used up the last batch so it is time to make marmalade again.

I aim to have a few more pictures and I’m hoping to present the recipe as a PDF.

:jar: :jar: :jar: :sandwich:

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