Burning sensation

Hello everyone
I had stroke 6 months now and recovering well, I had major setbacks with my swallowing only, in SALT therapy though.
Recently I have been experiencing severe burning/ cold sensation on my arm and left face.
can i find any Any suggestions or experience on how anyone has had to deal or cope with this?
Thank you.


Hi Gee @Soligbo

First welcome to the best club in town and the one that nobody ever wants to join

Sorry to hear about the present that keeps on giving is being problematic.

There’s a lot of posts about burning and cold feelings and they have discussed things like desensitization, acupuncture and acupressure, medication such as gabapentin and other nerve related pain medication.

The magnifying glass at the top will allow you to search for them. If you’re about 4 to 6 months then this is commonly a time when things like central post stroke pain starts to emerge. you’ll find several threads on it by searching, complex regional pain syndrome is another name - both are often referred to just by the initials.

You might find some other topics in the stroke welcome post ) useful to you

I would expect others will be a long soon to welcome you



@Soligbo hello, yes welcome to the family. Simon has said it really, most of us have nerve issues which manifest as unusual sensations. Dealing with them is a matter of finding what works for you personally. I have various tingles and pains you might associate with conditions producing neuropathy, but they are all down to having a damaged control system. I have an ever present sensation which feels like I’ve stuffed my cheeks full of tissue paper but I just have to try to ignore it. You’ll probably hear of all sorts of weird sensations from people but just think of it as being special and a bit different to all those boring regular folks. Best wishes.


Hi @Soligbo just wanted to welcome you to the forum and so sorry you have the need to join us.
I can’t comment on post stroke pains but as @SimonInEdinburgh has said there are several topics on subject and this is just one of them which has been ongoing for a year now, so quite a lengthy read.


I wish I could be of help. Maybe I can just a little.

I still have those sensations on my entire left side at 2.5 years. The face and head are less notable, but still there. Mostly I notice when trying to sleep, like the ringing ears. Perhaps the acts of talking and eating help a bit as my mouth seems to be what I exercise most. :grin:

The arm now gets at first worse, then much better after exercise, so typing is great for me as well as shoulder and arm exercises I learned after a fall.

The hip, leg, foot…it is excruciating to walk on–especially the foot, but I know I don’t do it enough. I am pretty much house bound and easily get bored with walking through the house for exercise. Cement sidewalks aren’t a lot of help.

A swimming pool does wonders for exercise nearly pain free. Other than that, I have good results from applying heat (heating pad, very warm bath, soft blankets), sometimes oral Acetominephen, if necessary, and/or an analgesic applied to the skin (IcyHot is a US name for one or Bath Therapy added to bath which is a liquid blend of Spearmint, eucalyptus and chamomile).

You certainly have my empathy on this one. I is not pleasant. Some people have this feeling go away completely, others of us seem stuck with it, at least so far. Being distracted from it probably helps most, but one can only stay busy so long. I hope it does not distract you from other things. Sometimes it does for me.

Best wishes for finding the right answers for you. Would love to hear of any things you find helpful, and of your progress.


Hi @Soligbo & welcome to the community. I think a lot of people suffer those types of sensations. I haven’t had the issue so have no experience to offer but would echo what the others have said.


There is a fairly straightforward document which might be of use.

I would suggest that it tends to be out of the skillset of many GPs but they can help with referrals to neurology teams to help you with a diagnosis.

I have read that there might be as many as ten variations of cpsp and there is considerable variation in symptoms.
Hope this is useful


Hello Gee,

please disregard if this makes no sense.
A bit of rewiring needed in your brain; best thing to do is deal with it head on.
Get a cold can of soda, rub it against your arm. But wait, first try to imagine how cold it will feel. Then rub it lightly against your left (affected side?) arm. Then ‘discover’ the answer by rubbing against your good arm. Again, go back to re-imagining what it will feel like on your left arm. Try rubbing it again. Do this over and over. Then try a different temperature… a hair dryer? maybe a hot(ish) cuppa tea? recalibrate your brain… remember visualization and imagination are key. Always engage your mind. Experiment… change the parameters … if you work a little each day (same time / same place) you can and will make a difference. Expect nothing at first. Carry on regardless with max. faith for 2 hours a day. If you believe in this it will work, and if you don’t believe, it will still work. But better to believe

good luck, Roland


Thanks to everyone. brilliant read and suggestions already. I’ll apply them appropriately.
Thank you all