Burning Scalp

I had a stroke last year and fortunately have made a pretty good recovery. However, in recent weeks I have developed an intense burning sensation across the top of my head. It feels like my scalp is sunburned. I don't know if it is related to the stroke. Has anyone out there had similar or can shed any light?

Welcome to our little group.

pleasing to hear that you have good recovery so far.

it takes about two years for your brain to settle down. So strange or odd things can pop up. I haven't had any burning sensations. 

every stroke is different. 

best wishes


No, I haven't experienced that, but it might be CPSP, I think there's info on this site about that. One of the most frustrating things post stroke, health wise, is other issues arising maybe related, maybe not. I had pityriasis rosea twice after having the stroke, never had it before, completely unrelated but at the time caused me such worry. 

I hope you find the forums useful, and we are always about to listen, share or try and give the best advice we can. 

Welcome to the forum. As Colin says, the brain is extraordinary. I used to get what felt like electric pulses down the back of my head on my stroke side, but these went away eventual. I still get odd sensations. The weirdest one I have is a continuous feeling of paralysis around my stroke shoulde even though I can use all the shoulder muscles and arm during my exercise classes. Glad you are making a good recovery.

I know exactlly the sensation you are speaking of.  It does feel just like a sunburn.  The weirdest thing is I had that feeling for several months before my stroke.   It went away as soon as I had the stroke.   I always wondered if they were related.  Now after hearing you, I think they were, but I don't know how.   If I had known they could be related,  I would have gone to the doctor about it and maybe could have averted the stroke.  I don't know.  Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well.   But now that I think about it, if it were me and I had that again, I would ask the doctor to look into it.  My best to yousmiley Jeanne