Burning Mouth Syndrome


This is a random question and one that no one knows about but has anyone suffered from Burning mouth syndrome after having a Stroke?

My Mum was complaining about how sore her mouth was in hospital (about 5 weeks ago) we put ot down to thrush from her inhalers. This has still not cleared up so I looked up her symptoms and it came to Burning mouth syndrome. This can be caused by many things including a stroke. It is having an effect on her eating as her tongue, lips and pallet are really painful and she is already below 7 stone!

Trying to get an appointment with my GP at the moment is a nightmare so I wondered whether this group could help in any way.


Hello @Kimlouise, I have actually heard of this, for the first time from someone who had it. They said it was neurological and they treated it with Amitriptyline, apparently it is quite effective. Worth mentioning to your GP.


Thank you for your replies. I will mention this medication to the Dr and hopefully they can help

Hello Kimlouise,
I have had burning mouth syndrome for several years. It developed after some lengthy treatment at the dentist (nothing to do with my stroke). My understanding is that it can develop after trauma. Initially it affected my lips and mouth/tongue and I was prescribed amitriptyline which helped. Unfortunately that drug does not agree with me but I took it for long enough to reduce the symptoms. It now only affects my lips and I find I can cope just using Vaseline on them as they get dry and sore and Vaseline soothes them. The dentist suggested I do this. Not sure if that will be of any help!

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Thank you for your reply. I will get some vaseline for Mum. The Dr has prescribed something (not sure what yet) so we will see if that helps her.