Any advice would be appreciated.

Following my stroke I spent a week in hospital before returning home to be cared for by my partner. After a period of compassion the bullying has started. If I don't comply I seem to be under their control and as I rely on them for just about everything I've become quite scared. For instance, yesterday I had no food at all. I thought of calling for a takeaway but I would be unable to answer the door and it would make matters worse. ok I've become very demanding and my partner says I don't appreciate all that they do for me, which I don't think is true as I try and thank them for looking after me. The situation is getting me down. I think my partner needs emotional help to cope with the situation we find ourselves in.

It sounds like you need some serious help.  Not being fed is abuse.  If you have access to a phone try to contact someone, doctor or friend, and see if they can find an agency that can help you.   Having a stroke is a difficult thing to go through.  I was in the hospital 3 weeks and then had months of physical therapy.  Are you getting any kind of therapy? Sounds like you need it, so that you can get moving and become more independent.  The brain rewires itself, and you can improve with therapy.   Also, I saw a psychologist for 2 or 3 months .  It was very helpful to have someone objective to talk things over with.  She gave me good ideas of ways to cope with things.  Medicare paid for it, so that was helpful.  There is help out there.  I hope you reach out and find it.  Love, Jeanne

I hope it has got better for you smiley