Bruising round eye when woke

I woke up with a bit of a black eye.On blood thinners so think I must have banged myself in the night...anyone else have bruising ?

I had a stroke 7 weeks ago and am now on blood thinners. I am currently covered in bruises - mainly on arms and legs. Hoping this will get a bit less as I get less clumsy! I  discussed it with the doctor and he wasn't worried.

I think it shows the thinners are working!

Same with me.  I have noticed less bruising lately, because I have learned to move more cautiously.  I realize I just have to be more careful. Love, Jeanne

Thank you I am reassured.

Just as a  coincidence but the Dr phoned yesterday and he is changing my medication to apixaban. Again this will make bruising and added risk when bleeding higher. I Just think this is something we have get used to.