Yep, I know this has nothing to do with strokes but maybe someone has an answer. I am really under the weather with an attack of bronchitis. I'm past the worst now but the last bit is taking some shifting. Because I have no spleen I hold a course of antibiotics in the cupboard for immediate use if anything strikes. I'm halfway through the course now and when finished my doctor will issue another prescription to go on the shelf for the next problem.

I've been subject to bronchitis for most of my life but I havn't had an attack for more than twenty years and I am trying to work out why. A few years ago as a campervan owner I had an attack and it was much discussed at the open meeting at club rally. Someone came up with a means of preventing future attacks and I adopted it .......and obviously it worked! BUT my stroke messed with my memory and I've forgotten completely what it was although I have a feeling it may have been a course of vitamins. Obviously I stopped doing it and am paying the penalty.

Quite frankly I don't want to face this again, I'm 91 years of age and it has stuffed me completely so if anyone can come up with a preventative solution I'd be keen to hear about it.