Is anyone else on tenterhooks waiting for a decision on Brexit? Medications will be affected if we have no deal. For stroke I am on blood thinners, statins and blood pressure tablets. I also take anti epilepsy drugs and unrelated to strokes and seizures take medication for a pituitary problem and an antipsychotic! I don't know if I have mentioned this before, I may even have memory problems. Hilary

that is quite a worry aslikeyou I am on blood thinners  and a drug to help with my AF and statins  havent we had enough misery over the last 8 months or so without worrying that we cannot get our much needed drugs. Only hope that we get a deal the sooner the better. all the best to you. Norma.

Thanks for your reply Norma. I agree with you we have had the last eight months to contend with. We can just hope for the best. Do you happenen to know if I've posted before about the drugs I am on. I have done it somewhere. I keep getting deja vu. Hilary

I dont thik you have then my memory is  not all that good. Its the first time I have replied to anyone about medication. lets keep our fingers crossed that we get a deal. Have a nice Christmas anyway. Norma.

The loss of medical cover in Spain is really important for me, as I go there regularly. I felt reassured by the EHIC, which will disappear soon.

I have private medical cover with Vitality. I found out that they offer private medical cover for international travel as part of optional extras. This has been invaluable. My premium has not risen significantly after my stroke. There is no cover though if travelling to a country where there is quarantine for return to the UK.