Has anyone else had or having a problem with breathlessness? It's Lorraine here by the way only I've started getting really breathless all of a sudden even just talking to people I have to suddenly pause and take a deep breath all the time so it's not just when I do anything strenuous. Wondering whether maybe anxiety  has anything to do with it as I had something similar to this years ago ( years before my stroke)and they couldn't find a problem . 

Hi Lorraine-- It really sounds like anxiety to me, expecially since it isn't only if you are being physically strenuous.  I had never had breathlessness before my stroke, but I did have it after.  It was a feeling of tightness, of needing that deep, cleansing breath, but having trouble taking it.  I think in my case it was  due to anxiety caused by the trauma of the stroke experience.  Possibly, the chest muscles in the area may have been temporarily affected by the stroke, as well.   In fact, I couldn't wear a bra for a year or so after my stroke, because of this feeling.  I saw a counselor, who gave me some tips on dealing with the anxiety.   I also took CBD oil under the tongue when I felt this way.   Over time, it eased back.   Deep meditative breathing techniques might help, as well as CBD oil or gummies. Best wishessmiley Jeanne

Hello Lorraine, there's many stroke survivors with dyspnoea all for varying reasons. I had a respiratory assessment which included an x-ray, my lungs were in good condition. I was taking atorvastatin, and like some others on here, was experiencing quite debilitating dyspnoea every day. I went to the atorvastatin forum on the UK heart foundation website, and discovered that breathlessness was a common complaint. I changed statins, and it reduced the dyspnoea remarkably. Statins can induce muscle weakness, and the diaphragm is a muscle, but I didn't put it all down to the statin, as I still get mild dyspnoea, especially when fatigued which I believe would be natural as the hindbrain manages breathing, and with every other complication after stroke would not function ideally, hence stroke survivors often suffer sleep apnoea. Anxiety would play a part in it, but for me, only when I feel anxious about my breathing can it get worse. I still can have laboured breathing when I am relaxed but it is nowhere near as bad as it was. It was so uncomfortable before that I booked myself in for the respiratory assessment. Controlled breathing exercises are a good way to get back into rhythm, and wake the brain back up to breathing effortlessly. Also, don't fixate on your breath, it may only make it more pronounced. 

Thanks rups yes also on artovastatin but only 10 mg and yes it is worse when I think about it to much .thanks for reply am sure it will help.