Breaking Bad

Thanks but it is nothing like as good as I would like it to be. I used to enjoy a bit of busking if the time and place were right but although my gear is battery powered for that reason there is no way I could consider trying it now. By the time I got everything set up I'd be exhausted for starters.


Dear Tony

You have an excellent attitude. I am sure your own willpower and caring thoughts all help you progress.

II really like the fact that you declare yourself as disabled. Most of us should have a think about this.

I love your desciption of your plan to recover in years but to live the best you can right now. 

You are an inspiration to many of us, especially me !


You can buy a new piece of wood but you cant buy a new hand. 

Isnt it hard going to try and ensure we have the right portion of safety ?


thanks mate 

keep smiling :)