Break up

Bad news for me my wife of 26 years has just left me today. I am all over the place the future look bleak

Do you need to talk to someone? Can anyone help? Lilian

Sorry to hear your news. I think stroke is really hard for partners to come to terms with. My husband and I were both nurses years ago but I sometimes feel as if he has no idea of what it's been like for me having a stroke and having my independence ripped out from under me. We are both retired now but some days I could get so cross. You're not alone on here Des.


Oh des I'm so sorry we are all here if you need to talk pippy x

Des , so sorry mate.  All the best David. 

Sorry to hear Des, take each day at a time, and the future will look better. I went through a divorce over a decade ago, before my stroke. Once the dust has settled on a long-term ended relationship, things improve, and time consoles. 

Hi Des - I'm so sorry to hear this. I genuinely sympathise because, believe or not, my husband left me in July and we were married 38 yrs. It is so hard for partners. Sometimes we just don't realise the strain it puts on them. It's not our fault, it's the stroke's fault and how it affects us. 

It's early days but the most important thing is to make sure you eat and get plenty of rest. Try not to think of the future. Concentrate on the present. You are your top priority now so try and block everything else out and try to focus on yourself. If you feel you need help to get you through, ask for a face to face appointment with your GP and we are all here if you need to talk. 

I had time to get used to the idea of being on my own as my husband has emigrated abroad and it was delayed due to covid but we stayed together to sort out everything before he went.  You will be suffering from shock at the moment so please do look after yourself.  Take care.

Thanks but to be fair for years my wife as said I an emotional detached which I can be but to ask me to change five weeks after a stroke I  did try and a did change a bit but with a stroke even if you not a mild one  and the fatigue it was had to do so after four weeks today she left me what a mess

Thanks the problem mid term is money I cannot work and my wife can  so I do not know what to claim  what's the best way etc and there does not  seems to be any face to face help

Thanks I send to be in a bit of a mix up state

Should be seems to be

Sorry to hear about your break up, in terms of financial help you should get more help amen potentially a bit easier now, claim for universal credits and you should be able to get council tax reduced. Hope things work out, also try phoning some sort of citizens help line about what you can claim ect 

I'm not surprised and it's normal have you got family support around for you ..pippy 

Very sorry to hear this des. Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence. I hope it will not impact on your recovery too much. Please fight on.

So sorry to hear your news, you know you have friends and support on this site, so take heart and let people know how you feel.

I have no idea about the benefits system, but maybe the Stroke Association could give you some guidance, in addition to the things which have already been suggested.

Take good care, one day at a time  ?


So very sorry Des   Norma.

I'm not sure how old you are Des but there is a good site on Age UK which explains all the benefits you can get if you live on your own if you are retired. You just put in your details and it throws up the amount of benefits you are entitled to and how to claim. I found that site a great help when I claimed. If not then have look at how to claim Universal Credit on the website. There is lots of information on there on how to claim full council tax reduction, and discounts on other things. Don't be deterred from claiming - you have paid into the system so now it's time for the system to help you. 

Thanks. Am almost 62 but with a mild stroke it's hard to get benefits but my mental health will come into t so who knows thanks des