One thing I've cut out of my diet is bread (because of the high salt content)

Does anyone know of a good low salt bread available, or a possible alternative I could try?

Dave, since my stroke three years ago, I make all our own bread. Dead easy if you have a food processor with a dough hook. Takes a bit of time, but my recipe uses olive oil and a little salt. I also put in spices and caraway seeds or pumpkin seeds. Much better and healthier than shop bread. Bread making also makes me utilise my weak arm and hand.

That sounds good, I'll have a go. Thanks

500 grams of strong white bread flour, two packets of dry yeast, one tablespoon of sugar, 300ml of warm water. Put a glug of olive oil in the mixing bowl. Add dry ingredients together plus seeds, herbs (whatever you like). Pour most of water into the mixer bowl with the oil. Tip on dry ingredients and add a bit of salt. Mix on low with dough hook for 6 minutes. Take out and knead on floured surface for a couple of minutes. Put back in mixer bowl, cover with warm damp cloth and leave to rise for an hour. Take out from bowl and knead again. Put in oiled bread tin or on oiled baking tray. Brush loaf with oil I’ve oilLeave to rise for another hour (I preheat oven to 50 and let it rise. Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. I switch oven on when bread risen and bake for 34 minutes.

That’s great, many thanks