Brain twitching

Hi everyone, i would love to know if any of you experience this twitching that i get. It happens when i sleep or nap in the afternoon. I wake up feeling twitchy, it seems to start in my head and then works its way down my body. It causes my hands, legs and even stomach muscles to just twitch slightly. When i sit up it seems to disappear. It was much more intense when i first had the stroke and that would even make my eyelids flicker really fast. That bit has stopped now and the twitchy feeling is nowhere near like it was, but I’d really like to know what this is or if any of you experience something like this. I’ve mentioned it to all of the people in my care and nobody seems to be concerned about this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks :blush:


Hi @smeadows1975

I don’t get You’re twitching. I gonna speculate I get similar but different. I also don’t think it’s anything surprising .

If I’m watching TV or if something happens behind me like a sudden noise I jump uncontrolably in a way that is much more pervasive than it was pre-stroke It’s not a twitch but it’s a completely involuntary muscle activation beyond just my affected side.

If I’m talking then I get a yawn type response that is about 5 times longer than a yawn used to be & in most regards resembles one. If I’m in bed and I stretch my leg on my affected side then all the muscles in the leg in my back in my arm all fire together so I have a sort of one sided single twitch that again lasts 10 or 20 seconds

So you’re twitch doesn’t surprise and it might have nothing to do with what happens to me

Stroke, the present that keeps on giving… .



Thanks simon, this is a support to me. If something makes me jump or startles me, this sets of the twitching really bad and esoecially if I’m sleeping or resting. Even the noise of the house alarm when someone opens the door to go to the bin sets it off. It leaves ne in a state of panic and i feel like my nerves are shot. Its awful and i wonder if it will ever go away. I’m slowly learning that I’m a bit different now and i have these quirky parts of me now. Some of which makes us all laugh, like when my brain spits out the wrong word. This just seems to be me now, for now anyway. :blush:


Hey there,

Welcome to the world of the unexplained. Does this twitching happen stroke side?
Here’s my guess ; nerves, synaptic plasticity, as new pathways form, old ones die ( or were damaged). I have twitches, often when I nap, where the whole body receives something akin to an electric shock as new synaptic pathways are formed. CBD oil encourages this activity.

I may be totally wrong ; this is little more than a guess based on what little I know about you,
Anyway, good luck, and I hope you don’t worry too much about it,
Ciao, Roland

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in my case, nerves are an interface between brain and muscle. My muscles cannot switch off without brain signals via the nerves to the muscles. I have plenty of repair going on, and welcome twitching as a good sign.

There’s a phrase apparently in therapy circles that is muscles that fire together wire together .

So if they start going off at the same time unless you put thought into breaking the linkage which I am now trying to do with my morning and evening bedtime twitches to use the wrong word spasms might be the right word

I was happy to encourage initially because I can’t under any other circumstances open my hand I can clench but it doesn’t open other than when I have this lying down mechanism Which I can add some conscious hijacking to and move my arm and hand in ways I can’t at any other time. This at least assures me that the muscles and tendons are still working even if I can’t bring a discretionary part of the brain to trigger them.

My discretionary access to my own muscles is growing slowly which is why I’m now trying to unlearn the linkage I used to think was useful

Ciao simon

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I do get some occasional twitching of my face but not too often & doesn’t last very long so i’ve generally ignored it. If your medical people aren’t concerned I wouldn’t worry too much & hopefully in time it’ll settle.

@SimonInEdinburgh it’s interesting to hear you describe how you jump at loud noises. I too do this & sometimes it doesn’t even take a particularly loud noise.


Hello happy Sunday!!

I really get the noise thing but for me and I guess it’s obvious but because I have right hemianopia I constatly get startled by things / people / whatever ‘appearing’ on my right and very small noises get my heart jumping!!

Get a bit of twitching too but not tooooo bad…

Stay cool :polar_bear: :wink:

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Yep :frowning:
Doesn’t have to be loud to leap into the air.
The cats learning I’m now an unreliable lap



Your Poor cat :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


@smeadows1975 I get what Simon gets, especially with that “Yawn”. The twitching and yawn go together, but my twitch is really a spasm. I think there are degrees of spasticity.
It sounds like it is leaving you?
Best Wishes

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Hi smeadows1975 sometimes I feel quite twitchy I was have my eyelashes done and my eyes kept on flickering for about 15 mins until I had managed to relax, the lady thought I had too much caffeine but I have stopped caffeine and just have decaf. I also get a some electric shock type sensations down the back of my head on the part Of the brain near the ocular lobe where my stroke occurred, I am hoping this is something positive and new pathways are being made? I hope these sensations ease up for you best wishes for your recovery x


I got twitchy eyelids for a while immediately post stroke but it stopped after a while. The little finger on my affected left hand twitches uncontrollably if I lay any object. on it. I just put that down to part of the physical damage I sustained by trapping and banging it when I had no feeling.


@Elle1 oh I get those electric shock type sensations too - usually travel from left to right side of head & usually happen at night. I tell myself it’s my brain trying to repair too :slightly_smiling_face: i did mention them to my stroke consultant but he wasn’t interested.

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Hi mrs5k,well I suppose that’s good news if he wasn’t interested! I’m gonna say it’s definitely my brain healing and repairing itself lol, it’s definitely around the optic lobe,where the damage is so something is happening, good I hope😂x