Brain stem stroke

My partner had a PICA in the brain stem on 9th Dec 21 & then the clot progressed into the basilar artery on 12th Dec 21 causing a 2nd stroke 3 days apart which caused significant brain damage damage. He has had to learn to walk, talk, swallow etc!
6 months on he has gained use of his left leg & arm (although he can’t raise it beyond shoulder height) his balance & coordination is still effected. However, he still has facial palsy, left side hearing loss & is still unable to blink or close his left eye. He has vocal damage leaving him with hoarseness.

I’m wondering if anyone else has the facial damages & if any of these injuries can be recovered over time???

Welcome to our forum. All strokes are different. I had numb areas on the left side of my face for a while but these disappeared over time. However, I still sense that the left side of my face is different from the right. I also got given mouth and lip exercises that helped improve my speech. Please also seek medical advice for his conditions.

Unfortunately, stroke recovery is slow and takes a long time. Make sure you get support too. Good luck.

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Hello @CorraB. Sorry to hear where you and your husband are. I had a midbrain ischaemic stroke as a result of an accident causing damage to my internal carotid artery. The nucleus for the third cranial nerve (occulomotor) which supplies the eyelid ( to open) and some of the muscles that move the eye are affected. Initially I couldn’t open my eyelid at all, this took nearly 5 months to change. I have been told improvement is notoriously slow. I can now, 10 months on, open that eye to almost a pupil’s width but do not have the ability to look up which leads to double vision. It sounds like your husband has a seventh nerve issue. Have they given any idea if a slow recovery is possible? I am now very used to hearing that no one can predict how or if and when things can improve and the truth is no one knows. Ask if other patients have seen an improvement and over what time scale. No guarantees but at least you will have an idea. Stroke recovery is generally slow but I get the impression cranial nerve recovery can be more complicated and requires patience in spades. Wishing you both all the best and hope you can get some answers, Julia

10 months on from the brain stem strokes, we are still awaiting a follow up appointment with a consultant. My partner hasn’t seen a medical doctor or even his GP since discharged from hospital to a rehab facility!! :exploding_head::woman_facepalming:t4:

We have left numerous messages on the consultants secretary’s answer phone since June & still no response!! :woman_facepalming:t4:

Morning @CorraB. Maybe try making an appointment with your GP for a catch up and make it clear that you feel his ongoing care has disappeared. You should at least know whether you should be seen again or not, if only to be able to ask questions. I was discharged from the stroke consultant at my first appointment a month after hospital discharge, but continue with appointments in ophthalmology which is stroke related more than a year on. Good luck, Julia