Brain scan today and physio yesterday

Just got back from a MRI head scan which wasn't as bad as last time. I had to wear a sort of collar around the back of my h ead with a head piece on which resembled a welders' helmet. She put the blindfold on me before she put the helmet on thank heaven so I didn't know what it looked like till she showed me after we'd done. Get the results in 2 weeks to see if I've had another stroke on the opposite side.

Yesterday I had private neurophysio at a Stroke Rehabilitation Gym which was brilliant. I had a complete assessment done with lots of massage and manipulation. The verdict on my numb right leg is a bulging piece of tissue in a disc at the base of my spine which is irritating my sciatic nerve. Best news is that she can fix it! YAY! at last! Today I feel an improvement already so with this good news and the head scan out of the way, I am one happy bunny today!