Brain fog

 My husband is 2 1/2 years post haemorrhagic stroke + 2 or 3 due to clots. Hubby has brain fog and says it's debilitating. Any suggestions please, or just rest?

Hello. It is hard for a non stroke sufferer to see or comprehend, but brain fog is a very good description. I think it is just rest, as you say. I am 5 years on and its still with me constantly, although it has improved a little so there is hope. I find long conversations very draining and it gets worse the longer the conversation, so I try to keep things short and sweet. 

What are his symptoms of "brain fog"? Every stroke is different for each person, the symptoms are slightly different for each of us as well. If he has brain fog from fatigue, rest may help, but sometimes it doesn't. I had brain fog which caused a lot of confusion, making it hard to concentrate or even just relax. I used to put on an eye mask and listen to gentle music. However, if it is brain fog without too much confusion, I find distracting tasks help. For me, I play video games, as they absorb my thoughts, and allow my brain to rest for a few hours. This may not be his cup of tea, but if there are repetitive, physical activities he can do, it will allow the mind to de-stress. A lot of people on the forums use adult colouring books, sometimes even thoroughly cleaning something small can be cathartic. There are apps on tablets and phones that provide these kinds of activities like word search or some "mindless" game that takes the pressure off the mind. These kinds of things are all practical forms of what some call "mindfulness". 

I had my stroke in 2014 and still suffer from fatigue, Aphasia and brain fog, although for me it's like my head is full of wet sand rather than fog. I am a social worker and have managed, with a supportive boss and various changes to the working day to remain in work but after contracting a bad case of Covid in April 2020 had a downturn and am now going through the ill health retirement process. I am 60 years of age and male. I too find that listening to music through earphones helps to distract my brain when I am fatigued and can't make choices/take in info etc. That is a good tip. Importantly work up to the fatigue and NOT through fatigue is a great tip and be kind to yourself and just get on the best you can. You are not in competition with anyone! 

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