Bowling and recovery

Bowling, went to take a look at my local bowling club as a possible sport,hobby I could do as a stroke survivor, had a brew watched and listened hoping to have a go next time out, mostasdptions about my recovery were the majority of my gains had happened in the first 4 months and at 17 months in not much more, when I get on the practice green I will put that they yo shame, will update after the next visit hoping this gives me the feeling of a light at the end of the tunnel as currently I feel I am going backwards with pain and overall quality of life

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There’s nothing like having an aim. Working towards that will give you energy, a reason to strive.
You must have some self control, it won’t always be successes and you need to develop the strength to deal with knock-backs, but that is good too.

I wish you all the best @mrfrederickson :smiley:

Keep coming back and report both the ups and the downs, we are rooting for you.

I hope there is more good news for you than bad,
keep on keeping on

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@mrfrederickson that sounds like it might be ideal for you & give you something good to focus on.
Look forward to hearing all about your next trip to the bowling green.
Best wishes

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Thanks Bob I appreciate your words and all the encouragement found in this forum it is so inspiring

@mrfrederickson all those posting on the Forum, including you, are inspiring, striving to deal with the effects of the stroke.
It is good to hear your news and the developments.


When I started reading this @mrfrederickson I was thinking a bowling alley and immediately thought ooh that might be a bit ambitious…

Great idea :wink:

Good luck keep us posted how you get on. I just want to get back to singing :weary: I know that it’s going to take time but I’m hoping I can do it again

Lawn bowling is good exercise and good fun. It can take a while to build up skill and stamina, but I found it very worthwhile. In my case, post stroke I was told that I could return to bowling after a month. I had to wait for two more months before other exercise was allowed!

Good shout I have looked at having a go at crown green bowling at our local club, not sure I can lower and raise myself consistent lyto throw the bowl

You need a quiet morning when there’s little or no-one else to distract.
Flashing one of those brain injury cards around would cover any eratic movements when delivering the bowls.
I’m sure you would get much out of the experience as long as you keep under control any desires to win championships or to display masterful gaming.
I hope you have fun and get useful exercise.

Thank you for the feedback. Good luck with the bowling. I have seen some bowlers use a device to throw the bowl that means that they do not have to bend down.


Thanks Graham I will investigate.

Hi, have you managed to follow up on this? Please let me know.

Most clubs have coaching available at no cost. A coach should be able to advise you of any gadgets available. Most clubs have a free taster session for prospective members.

I hope that you have managed to do some bowling, but there is a fair amount to learn.



Thanks for the tip the chap who ran the bowling club has sadly passed away from a heart attack so parking it for now until the dust settles.

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