Botox side effects

My wife had a stroke15 years ago and her leg has gradually become quite spasticated . She had Botox treatment for that and ten days after the treatment she became extremely weak all over . She has no other symptoms and the doctor can find nothing wrong with her . The logical conclusion is that it’s a reaction to the Botox but the specialist who gave it thinks it isn’t . Four weeks later she is still extremely weak . Has anyone out there had this reaction to Botox ?

Hi, I’m 5 years post stroke and have been having Botox in my wrist since being discharged from hospital. I found that after my last dose my hand was very weak and due to this I haven’t had any since. Up to then I had no prolems although it wasn’t particularly useful either. I was told by my neuro physiotherapist at the beginning that for Botox to work effectively, you need regular doses every 12 weeks. Unfortunately my injections were never given on a regular basis, sometimes going a year between doses !!, needless to say it wasn’t very effective Such a waste, it’s a very specialist treatment and needs to be administered affectively.

Regards Sue