Botox injections

Has anyone had success with Botox injections in the shoulder to release the spasticity? 

hi I would be interested to know the answer to this as well... when my partner was in hospital the doctor mentioned doing this but it never happened, when we mentioned it to his home physios they hadn’t heard anything about it.

so I’ll watch out for this 


Our Pain after stroke leaflet goes into some detail about botox injections =, which usually go hand in hand with other treatment such as physio -

Your GP or physiotherapist should know more about this type of treatment.



thanks vicki 

I’ll have a look as it’s something we’ interested in 

Hi, i’ve Had Botox in the forearm to relieve spasticity. I don’t suffer from severe spasticityand it tends to be slightly worse when I’m doing something that requires effort.I,m on my second injection which needs to be done every four months. It consists of three injections to inject the Botox. For about a week after my arm feels heavy and sort of worse then it’s ok. It tends to be more my hand that curls up and I’m not sure whether Botox is having a effect. I can definitely stretch the hand out more than I could and I’m more able to hold the arm down when I walk but don’t know if that’s the Botox or if it’s progression as I do a lot of stretches and exercises. I think I’m prepared to continue with the injections because at the moment I feel anything is worth a try. The jury is still out I’m afraid. X

I new here. I had three different injections over time, I also take baclofen; heard that helps in the uptake by the muscles involved.  

Welcome to the site, lots of amazing people here, who will generously offer support and advice ?

Hi new to this.  I have been having botox mainly in my face following stroke but recently had injection in my trapezium as it is very tight and painful.  It has helped with the movement of my head and is less painful.

My brother had Botox for over 2 years ...every 4 months but they have stopped it as the body becomes accustomed to it and then it doesn’t work... Botox of 150 g every 4 months cost us €150 ,it helped his curled up hand to be more supple to open (it’s a fist all of the time) and helped his drop foot. The results weren’t absolutely amazing but did help a little. 

I have Botox every three months...I can actually tell when it time for my next injection for my hand actually draws up

I have now had my second Botox treatment for spasticity in my shoulder. On the first session five injections were put into my biceps area and the improvement was minimal. However 6months later and a second treatment with a higher dose and there has been an improvement in that I can stretch my arm, with effort, and allow my arm to straighten when walking.

I would suggest to anyone to ask for this treatment as I don't think it's available routinely. 

Hi, I'm back.  brother stopped Botox a year ago as I posted previously.  His drop foot is now worse than before and some days his bad leg gives in. His fist hand is also more clenched.  He is programmed for Botox injections again end November as we now have conclusive proof of its benefits!