Bonsai Tree Advice Please

Dear all,

I have recently purchased a bonsai tree which I have called KROA.

I am trying to train it into a shape that looks like a polar bear and it’s sort of coming together a bit but now it’s doing too well.

I have had it for about 3.5 months.

I use bonsai feed but can anyone tell me if wires are good and work as it’s fiddly and I don’t want to waste my time if it’s futile!!

Thanks for any help much appreciated!!



I could give you a million links but I think you know how to Google as much as I do…


I like real person advice not trawling through google when I can’t see the polar bears for the snow I’m afraid!!!

But thought appreciated.


:polar_bear: :wink:


Yes of coarse wires are good for getting branches to grow in the direction you want them. It’s just a matter of using the right grade of wire; thicker for the trunk, thinner for the more delicate branches.

For the trunk you’d anchor the wire in the soil at the foot of the tree; for the branches use the trunk for anchor.

Only leave the wire on for about 4 months but inspect it each month. If you see the wire starting to cut into the wood take it off. It’ll take a season or two for scaring to grow out.

I was into bonsai before the kids came along, a few died from neglect so I gave the rest away :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I’m more into my house plants these day, and the garden of course :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow - sounds like a good project!! May keep me from late night hypertensive rants!

Thank you!!

Ok I’ve got this to try and tame the outer bits and have printed off a large print wire guide or something on the lines you said!! Don’t want to start messing with KROA’s trunk quite yet!!

KROA will become KROA Polar Bear (KROA Polars) soon - well couple of years :rofl: :evergreen_tree: :christmas_tree: :deciduous_tree:


What ya got growing?!!?


Actually at the moment I’m playing around with hydroponics, growing plants in water in clear glass vases. I’ve got mint, trailing ivy, Gynura aurantiaca which is a purple velvet trailing plant and an Inchplant (other name Spiderwort) another trailing plant :smile: In fact, that last one was just a broken off piece I found on the floor in a garden centre…the poor baby needed to me to nurse it back to health, how could I just turn my back on it in it’s hour of need :wink: :rofl:

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That’s actually a good idea!! No hassle - Maybe I’ll get JP a kit so he can try, do it wrong and then I’ll take over smugly and do it right :polar_bear: :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :deciduous_tree:

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Right - bit tired today but project for tomo!!!

:polar_bear: :wink:


My confused brain cell misread the 1st line of that at first…

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@IanW one wonders what you read it has then… :question:

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‘A few kids died so she gave the rest away.’

I have always had a somewhat slanted view on life - the stroke seems to have accentuated that somewhat - but the up-side of that is that my post-stroke comments make my wife smile :laughing:


I know what you mean :slight_smile: I believe it’s called neurodiversity.
It’s actually more common than being a neurotypical just We’re all diverse in different ways whereas the typical are all typical in the same way :slight_smile:

Have you seen the eats shoots and leaves book?

Somewhere on the sprawling mess that is the internet there is a collection of the sort of confusion grammar and punctuation causes and indeed website addresses that by adding words together convey something other than was intended

I meant to reply to it post of yours as well. I may or may not have done it! I’ll have to have a look back today :slight_smile: if I could remember what I was trying to remember I might be okay But that can’t remember


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I do the same myself post stroke, having to reread because my brains has misread or misinterpreted.

It can actually be quite a challenge on here to read posts because of the varied challenges we have to overcome in order to communicate. But its good if you can get a laugh out of it in the process :wink:

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